Downstream Processing: Chromatography

Learn the most suitable purification operation for your process and find out about new technologies on the horizon

30 November - 3 December 2015

This module focuses on product purification and, through a series of lectures,
case studies and a pilot plant session, will enable you to:

  • Understand the principles of different methods of process chromatography, including Packed Bed, Monoliths, Expanded Bed.
  • Select the appropriate media for, and predict the performance of, chromatography separations upon scale-up.
  • Assess the suitability of affinity separation as a product purification operation and gain awareness of advances in rational ligand design for difficult separations.
  • Determine appropriate strategies for the maintenance of column and process hygiene.
  • Consider how chromatography is changing at industrial scale, and which new technologies will have an impact in the future.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for engineers, chemists, biologists, biochemists and biotechnologists who are interested in the biochemical engineering aspects of chromatography. Each concept and topic covered will be explained for the beginner - without assuming detailed prior knowledge.

Typically, delegates are:

R&D scientists, engineers or managers who need to learn more about scale-up, scaledown and operation of chromatographic methods in a production environment.


Day 1

• Introduction to Module
• Chromatography Fundamentals
• Models and Scale-Up
• High Throughput Chromatographic Bioseparations
• Pitfalls in the Scale-Up of Packed Bed Bioprocesses

Day 2

• Pilot-Plant Studies: Chromatography
• Tailoring Media for Bioseparations
• Affinity Separation
• Design of Biomimetics for Affinity Separations
• Chromatography Practical Results

Day 3

• Process Hygiene and Column Maintenance
• Case Study: mAb-purification; issues in scaling-up to large process scale
• Alternative Approaches to Scaling up
• Design of Small Scale Columns for Ease of Scale-Up
• Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography for Biopharmaceutical Production
• Liquid - Liquid Chromatography

Day 4

• Process Scale Monoliths
• New Approaches to Process Scale Chromatography
• Case Study: Where and When to Apply Chromatography?
• Where Will Further Improvements in Chromatography Come From?

Invited Expert Speakers

Bo Forsberg, CMC
Rolf Frey, Bio-Rad Laboratories GmbH
Ian Garrard, Brunel University
Bjorn Hammarberg, ABD Life Sciences Ltd
Marko Jarc, BIA Separations
David Johnson, Pall Corporation
Jon Baker, GE Healthcare
Hans May, Proxcys
Sunil Chhatre, TAP Biosystems
Ajoy Velayudhan, UCL
Juan Martinez, Sartorius
Marc Bisschops, Tarpon Biosystems
Sharon Williams, ProMetic Biosciences

Teaching Staff

Dr Daniel Bracewell, UCL - Module Leader

A networking dinner will be held on the first evening.

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