Industrial Biotechnology: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology


Integrating Biocatalysis and Synthetic Biology into Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing Processes

24-26 April 2017

This unique module will introduce options for integrating biocatalysis into chemical manufacturing processes, and also explore successful examples of biocatalyst design, process operation and biorefining for sustainable manufacturing.

In this module a series of lectures, problem solving case studies, and a practical workshop will provide close interaction with key academic and industrial speakers, enabling you to:

  • Strengthen your knowledge in biocatalysis, and whole biotransformation processes, from fermentation to product.
  • Understand the range of chemical conversions accessible by biocatalysis, and examples of successful industrial applications.
  • Discover the industrial potential of synthetic biology.
  • Explore the challenges and options for large scale biocatalysis.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for all those individuals working in any of the following industries where biocatalysis and synthetic biology is important:

  • Fine and specialty chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal care products
  • Diagnostics as well as sustainable processing in the biorefining, biofuels and bulk polymer sectors


Day 1
• Biorefining principles and challenges
• Biological process kinetics and operation
• High throughput fermentation and biocatalytic process development
• Practical considerations in biocatalytic process development
• Case Study: Process Development
• Successful and emerging enzyme chemistries

Day 2
• Synthetic biology and biocatalyst engineering
• Enzyme discovery and metagenomics
• Chassis selection and host cell engineering
• Practical enzyme characterisation
• Industrial availability in enzyme production
• Scale-up challenges
• Case study: discovery to manufacture
• Process economics and sustainability

Day 3
• Sustainable chemistry and biobased products
• Biorefining principles and challenges
• New technologies to support biorefining
• Synthetic biology in industry
• Case study: synthetic biology options – process vs. biological solutions
• Market analysis of the biocatalysis and biorefining sector

Module Leaders

Paul Dalby - Module Leader
Dan Noakes - CPI

Confirmed Industrial Expert Speakers Include

Frank Baganz – UCL
Katie Chong - European Bioenergy Research Institute
Markus Gershater, Synthace
Gary Lye – UCL
Malcolm Lock, CPI
Brenda Parker - UCL
Dan Noakes - CPI
Chris Reeve, CPI
Peter Sutton - GSK
John Ward – UCL
Stuart West - Biocatalysts Ltd

A networking dinner will be held on the first evening.

For further information and bookings please contact:
T: +44 (0) 20 7679 9619 I +44 (0) 203 549 5619

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