Bioprocess Facility Design

Focusing on how to take a process from a paper design to a fully-operational facility

22 - 25 June 2015

This module focuses on how to take a process from a paper design to fully-operational facility, and will enable you to:

  • Design a plant layout considering the relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Understand the impact of facility design requirements on costs.
  • Determine a project schedule including phases, installation, commissioning and validation.
  • Accurately interpret engineering drawings used in design.
  • Prepare a safety and environmental review to define risks, hazards and safety strategy.
  • Understand the role of contractors, work with them more effectively and analyse their proposals.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for engineers, chemists, biologists, biochemists and biotechnologists who are interested in facility design for bioprocesses. Each concept and topic covered will be explained for the beginner - an example case study is followed through the sequence of steps followed when performing facility design, the example selected is drawn from the previous “Bioprocess Design & Economic Evaluation” course.

Typically, delegates are: R&D scientists, engineers or managers who need to learn more about the typical steps which constitute the preliminary design process in conjunction with the “Bioprocess Design & Economic Evaluation” course.


Day 1

• Introduction to module
• The life-cycle of an engineering project
• Working with contractors
• Managing the installation, commissioning & validation phases
• Modularization: a route to fast tracking
• Case study: industrial project schedule

Day 2

• Introduction to plant layout & design
• Implications of modularization on layout
• Impact of GMP regulations on facility design & operation
• Defining hazards and GMP issues
• Case study: plant design and layout
• Case study: costing of total project

Day 3

• Complying with safety regulations - theory & practice
• Case study: safety review
• An industrial case study of installation & commissioning
• Completion and review of project schedule

Day 4

• Case study: managing change
• Design project presentations to a panel of senior industrialists

Module Leaders

Dr Daniel Bracewell, UCL

Invited Expert Speakers

Nigel Allison, Public Health England
Katherine Barclay, Pfizer
George Bou-Habib, MMS
Andrew Sinclair, BioPharm Services Ltd
Nigel Fletcher, Foster Wheeler
Thorsten Kimmel, Kimmel-Tec
Nic Murrell, Ipsen Biopharm Ltd
Roy Okec
Andrew Provan, eXmoor pharma concepts
Vaughan Thomas, Tillingbourne Consultancy

The module costs £1450, with a £100 discount if you register and pay before 11 May 2015. 

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