Bioprocess Design & Economic Evaluation

Focusing on how to specify the process and how to determine its economic feasibility

5-8 June 2017

The module focuses on how to specify a complex bioprocess and determine its economic feasibility. It will:

  • Specify a major item of process equipment.
  • Interpret engineering drawings used in equipment procurement.
  • Perform economic analyses of the process and determine sensitivities to process changes.
  • Achieve value for money in complex engineering projects.
  • Recommend a process that is technically feasible and economically viable.
  • Determine the types of data needed to specify unit operations and processes.
  • Develop process flowsheets and mass balances.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for engineers, chemists, biologists, biochemists and biotechnologists who are interested in process design for the manufacture of biological products. Each concept and topic covered will be explained for the beginner - an example case study is followed through the bioprocess design procedure to allow an economic appraisal of the design to be performed. This learning is carried forward to the following “Bioprocess Facility Design” course which examines the next stage of a bioprocess design.

Typically, delegates are: R&D scientists, engineers or managers who need to learn more about the typical steps which constitute the preliminary design process in conjuction with the “Bioprocess Facility Design” course.


Day 1
• Introduction to module
• The business case for multi-purpose facilities
• Case study: development of preliminary flowsheets

Day 2
• Defining the end product specification
• Case study: revision of flowsheets to achieve end product specification
• Achieving fast mass balances and flowsheets
• Case study: process mass balance
• Introduction to cost estimation
• Case study: industrial cost estimation including analysis of hidden costs
• Case studies: process costing & sensitivity analysis

Day 3
• Process equipment from specification to installation
• Case study: user requirement specification
• Design of process operation & control
• Case study: piping & instruments diagram
• Case study: process operation

Day 4
• Case study: process costings and process changes
• Design project presentations to a panel of senior industrialists

Module Leader

Dr Daniel Bracewell, UCL

Industrial Expert Speakers Include

Biopharm Services
Mott Macdonald
The NIHR/Wellcome Trust, Kings CRF
Tillingbourne Consulting

A social networking event will be held for delegates and speakers

For further information and bookings please contact:
T: +44 (0) 20 7679 9619 l +44 (0) 203 549 5619

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