MBI® Module: ‘Principles of Fermentation Processes’ Focusing on how to specify the process and how to determine its economic feasibility (30th Sept—2nd Oct 2013) £1,450

24 July 2013

‘Principles of Fermentation Processes’ will strengthen your knowledge of fermentation processes, and through a series of lectures, case studies and a pilot plant visit, will enable you to:

• Define different modes of fermentation and know their limitations.
• Develop a suitable medium and perform a material balance.
• Interpret fermentation data and use it effectively.
• Characterise the kinetics of cell growth and how they apply to different cell systems.
• Determine fermentation productivity and yields.
• Learn about new developments in fermentation technology (single use bioreactors).
• Develop a strategy for fermentation process development.

Teaching Staff:

Prof Eli Keshavarz-Moore, UCL; Dr Frank Baganz, UCL; Prof Gary Lye, UCL; Dr James Mills, Cantabio and Dr Martina Micheletti, UCL

For further information email karen.smith@ucl.ac.uk or call 0207 679 4411

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