Downstream Processing: From Cell to Column Learn how to select the best recovery options for your bioprocess (11- 14th November 2013) £1,750

24 July 2013

This module focuses on the biological product recovery stage and, through a series of lectures, case studies and pilot plant practical sessions, will enable you to:

• Understand the principles of all the major recovery operations: Centrifugation, Membrane Systems, Filtration,  Cell Disruption, Precipitation, Flocculation
• Compare these unit operations for suitability within the  process and study them in our unique pilot plant
• Determine the most appropriate equipment for separations and specify the right operating conditions
• Learn to use Ultra Scale Down tool for prediction of large scale separation performance
• Understand the interaction among fermentation, recovery and purification and learn the integrated solutions for bioprocess development

Teaching Staff:

UCL staff: Prof Mike Hoare, Prof Eli Keshavarz-Moore, Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dr Darren Nesbeth

Industry expert speakers: Colin Day, Millipore; Klaus Mannweiler, Westfalia; Aloke Dey-Chowdhury, Pall

For further information email or call 0207 679 4411

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