11 July 2012

 The British Regen Industry Tool Set (BRITS) is an industry driven project aimed at establishing reliable market data and creating both detailed bioprocess economics models and higher level business models for integration into a highly valuable and timely set of decisional tools. The individual components will themselves be highly novel, and the final integrated tool set will be a major step change for the cell therapy industry. BRITS will encompass the entire supply chain. This will including direct links through the main innovation routes available within the NHS. Via its wider business benefit activities BRITS will interact with all the UK stakeholders to facilitate the uptake of the outputs of the project and build and maintain the vital linkages between the diverse stakeholders in order to promote the joined-up approach that will be required if the UK is to be at the international forefront of cell therapy, not just scientifically but also commercially.

For more information about BRITS, please contact Prof Chris Mason

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