Neutron Characterisation in Fundamental and Applied Biotechnology - Abingdon, UK 3rd Sept - 5th Sept, 2014

24 March 2014

Neutron based measurements are well established in colloidalscience and studies of synthetic polymers and complex fluids. Morerecent interests have included fundamental biophysical studies inprotein structure and assembly, but many researchers inbiochemistry, applied biophysics, and the biotechnology industryremain relatively unfamiliar with the range of neutron-basedtechniques and their ability to answer questions aboutmacromolecule structure, morphology, and dynamics in bulksolution and at interfaces. This inaugural meeting is intended toprovide a venue for students and established researchers to learnabout the application of neutron science to fundamentalbiophysical studies proteins and other biological macromolecules,with a long-term view of enhancing the use of these techniques inbiotechnology applications.For further details registration and abstract submission visit:

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