Biochemical Engineering


From studying biochemical engineering to distilling gin in Finland - The Chemical Engineer article

7 September 2017

The Chemical Engineer Spirited Away

Moritz Wüstenber graduated from the UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering in 2011. He and his company are profiled in an article in The Chemical Engineer. Helen Tunnicliffe spoke to him about his journey from degree studies to setting up Northern Lights Spirits, a craft gin distiller based in north Karelia in eastern Finland. Read the the article here...

The Chemical Engineer features views and jobs from the chemical, biochemical and process engineering sectors and is a subscription-only journal so we're very grateful to them for sharing this article with us. 

This is a list of places where you can find Kalevala Gin in the UK, you can find out more about studying with the UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering here.