Biochemical Engineering


Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub (FTHM) Biochemical Engineering workshop

10 July 2018

Dr Olotu Ogonah in UCL Biochemical Engineering Lab FTHM

Launched in 2017, UCL’s FTHM engages leading academics (Philosophy, Pharmacy, Engineering, Decision Tools Analysis, etc.) working in a cross-disciplinary way with industrial partners to ensure that a new generation of stratified medicines can be developed quickly and manufactured at a cost affordable to society.

To accelerate the development of these interdisciplinary relationships FTHM has committed to hold a series of workshops with the express objective of ‘demystifying’ seemingly impenetrable areas of expertise, and thus accelerate the innovation process.

The first of these workshops took place 18- 22 June 2018 and was focused on Biochemical Engineering. The participants came from varied backgrounds, including philosophy and pharmacy, carrying out activities designed to give attendees some insight in the day to day activities and challenges faced by biochemical engineering researchers. 

UCL Biochemical Engineering Pilot Plant 900px

Participants spent 4 days in the biochemical engineering pilot plant designing and executing experiments in cell free protein synthesis (CFPS), one of the main themes of the FTHM, and analysing the results from these experiments. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with the stakeholders reporting having gained an appreciation of the complexities of biochemical engineering. Additionally, the data collected during this workshop was used to confirm the identity of CFPS critical process parameters; variables which impact the UCL designed CFPS platform performance.