Biochemical Engineering


Information for teachers

Students in pilot plant

Enriching education

We recognise the importance for teachers to be able to supplement their classroom teaching with real world application and examples. As such, the Department is active in several key research areas and would be happy to organise short talks and visits to your school. Of course, this would be based on availability and travel distance from London.

Several of our key research areas may overlap with your teaching curriculum. These areas are listed below and we would be happy in organising talks based on these themes.

  • Vaccines and Immunisation
  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
  • Biofuels and Sustainability
  • Biohacking and Synthetic Biology

Visiting UCL and the Department

The Department works closely with the UCL Outreach Office to facilitate visits to our labs and experience university. These can be through the Future Scholar Awards (formerly known as DUX Awards), summer courses and taster lectures. A variety of activities for both Years 7-11 and Years 12-13 are organised through the Outreach Office throughout the whole year. Teachers are encouraged to visit the UCL Widening Participation and Outreach website for more details.

Getting Advice on Applying to UCL and the Department

The best way is to come and talk to us. UCL runs an Open Day every year where you can visit the university and the Department. You’ll have tours of our teaching and research facilities as well as get to talk to some of the lecturers and admissions tutors. However, if you can make it then we also have a virtual Open Day tour which can be accessed any time after the event.

Additionally, around March-April of each year UCL hosts a State Schools and Colleges Conference. Teachers will be able to meet with Department and Faculty admissions tutors, discuss UCAS forms and get advice on how best to prepare your students for admission into UCL.