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Interactive website helps lower-income smokers to stop smoking

People with lower incomes attempting to quit smoking are 36% more likely to succeed if they use a new interactive website called ‘StopAdvisor’ than if they use a static information website, finds a randomised controlled trial led by UCL researchers.

Image: No Smoking by chris@APL licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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Blame groupthink – not lack of regulation – for Tesco’s accounting crisis

Professor Paul Ormerod and Dr David Tuckett (both UCL Brain Sciences) explain why diversity within management rather than tighter regulations may be key to avoiding accounting problems in the corporate sector. Read: City AM More...

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How the world's first smartwatch was built

The pocket watch could be called the world's first "smart" device, and its development involved some of the greatest scientific minds of the 17th Century, writes Professor Lisa Jardine (UCL Centre for Editing Lives & Letters) for BBC News magazine. More...