Bentham Project


Virtual Auto-Icon

If you can't visit UCL to see Bentham's Auto-Icon, here is the next best thing: a Virtual, 360-degree rotatable version.

Instructions for use:

  • To rotate the Auto-Icon, either use your cursor keys, use the left and right arrows underneath the image, or click drag the Auto-Icon.
  • To zoom in our out use the '+' or '-' keys on your keyboard, the '+' or '-' underneath the Auto-Icon, or use your mouse-wheel.
  • Click the auto-rotate button to set the Auto-Icon turning.
  • Click the 'info' button for a brief description of the Auto-Icon.

If the image does not load, please download the latest version of Flash here.

The Virtual Auto-Icon is the copyright of UCL.

Thanks to Tony Slade, Manager of UCL's Design and Web Services for creating the Virtual Auto-Icon, and for taking the fantastic new photographs which comprise it. Thanks also to Ralph Bartholomew for helping in uploading the flash file.