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CBC Conference 2018: 'It's Digital....and Beyond!'

Did you know that CBC Conference 2018 isn't only about 'digital' health behaviour change? For 2018, we're broadening the scope of our annual conference to include 'non-digital' health behaviour change activity and research. So whether you're working in digital or non-digital health, join us at CBC Conference 2018 #CBCConf18 

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Blog: Talks, tutorials, and a conversation with Jeremy Bentham: Inside UCL’s fourth Behaviour Change Summer School - By Candice Moore

Several Human Behaviour-Change Project (HBCP) team members were involved in the recent Centre for Behaviour Change (CBC) Behaviour Change Summer School, a five-day course teaching the principles of behaviour change and intervention design. The first week took place between 31 July and 4 August with around 40 participants from over 10 countries. A further set of participants attended the second round of the summer school between 14 August and 18 August. This cohort of summer school graduates will join a group of over 140 previous graduates from the past three years.

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Article: Developing and Evaluating Digital Interventions to Promote Behavior Change in Health and Health Care - Michie et. al.

Future health economics analyses need to recognize and model the complex and potentially far-reaching costs and benefits of digital interventions. In terms of governance, developers of digital behavior interventions should comply with existing regulatory frameworks, but with consideration for emerging standards around information governance, ethics, and interoperability.

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Blog: What can marketing learn from behavioural science?

The marketing industry has been attempting to change people’s behaviour for years.  Advertisers use associations of beauty and sex to encourage us to buy products we might not even need; retailers know exactly how and where to place items in a store or on a web page in order to encourage us purchase more.

So, presumably the marketers have got it sussed and don’t need to learn anything from those of us on the academic side of behavioural science? Read Dr. Rosie Webster' Blog to find out.

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MSc Behaviour Change

We have launched an exciting new MSc programme in Behaviour Change. Available as a full or flexible part-time MSc, PGDip, or PGCert from September 2017, it is taught by world-leading experts in behaviour change at UCL’s central London campus. This innovative course is a unique opportunity for graduates from all disciplines to learn about cutting-edge research and  the principles behind successfully changing behaviour to address global problems.

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Job Opportunities

We are seeking two behavioural scientists with an outstanding track record and an interest in working on the ‘Human Behaviour-Change Project’ to push forward the boundaries of our understanding of behaviour change interventions. We are currently recruiting one Research Associate and one Senior Research Associate.

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Get involved: TechSharing Seminars

Three seminars will explore opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration and appropriate pathways to impact within the NHS; we intend to build a diverse and vibrant community of committed and enthusiastic professionals who will work together to develop a toolkit to support the development, evaluation and embedding of innovation in the NHS. We invite you to co-design this seminar series by participating in the following online survey. The results of the survey will help us to identify and develop the content of the seminars in order to ensure they meet your needs and interests.

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