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Blog: CONSORT-SPI 2018 - announcing an extension for randomized controlled trials of social and psychological interventions

Complete and transparent reporting of randomized controlled trials is integral for replication, critical appraisal and understanding context. Published today in Trials, a new extension of the CONSORT Statement aims to improve the reporting of randomized controlled trials of social and psychological interventions. Here, co-authors Paul Montgomery, Evan Mayo-Wilson and Sean Grant discuss what these guidelines could mean for the field.

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Blog: Just Because I Can Doesn’t Mean I Will: Behavioural science and translating professional change into practice

All innovation in health and social care has the same final common pathway: health and social care professionals doing something new or different.  There are numerous theories of behaviour and behaviour change, so people who are trying to innovate can find it confusing and difficult to meaningfully draw on behavioural science.  Here, Drs Jo Hart, Lucie Byrne-Davis and Eleanor Bull, Health Psychologists, discuss the current research about health professional behaviour, introduce the work they are doing in studying the translation of research to improve practice, and outline some implications for policy.

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Professor Susan Michie appointed Chair of ACSS

Congratulations to Professor Susan Michie, Director of the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, who has been appointed Chair of the Food Standards Agency (FSA)’s new Advisory Committee for Social Science (ACSS).

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Podcast: Does personalised advice via computer or mobile devices reduce heavy drinking?

The Cochrane Drugs and Alcohol Group has produced several reviews of the effects of interventions intended to reduce heavy drinking. The collection was extended in September 2017 with an investigation of the use a computer to provide personalised advice. They asked one of the authors, Fiona Beyer from Newcastle University in the UK, to tell them what they found.

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CBC Conf 18: Prize winning oral abstracts

The conference International Advisory Board have selected 2 prize winning abstracts judged on their importance, strength of methodology, originality, clarity and translation potential. Read the abstracts here.

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CBC Annual Report 2017

We are delighted to announce our first ever annual report, summarising the highlights of a very busy 2017 for the Centre for Behaviour Change.

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Paper: Evaluating the effectiveness of behavior change techniques in health-related behavior: a scoping review of methods used

Behavior change interventions typically contain multiple potentially active components: behavior change techniques (BCTs). Identifying which specific BCTs or BCT combinations have the potential to be effective for a given behavior in a given context presents a major challenge. The aim of this study was to review the methods that have been used to identify effective BCTs for given behaviors in given contexts and evaluate their strengths and limitations.

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