Centre for Behaviour Change



The CBC offers evidence-based consultancy on behaviour change and related topics tailored to individual needs. We are a core team of experts in behaviour change with academic research backgrounds in areas related to behaviour change. Our consultancy service draws on a larger network of behaviour change experts, in a range of disciplines and with a diverse set of areas of expertise.

Looking for consultancy?

Examples of consultancy projects

Training and Consultancy with the University of Western Australia and Notre Dame University, Australia

Dr Caroline Wood and Dr Lou Atkins from the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change started working with two teams based at the University of Western Australia and the University of Notre Dame Australia led by Prof Anne-Marie Hill and Prof Jillian Swaine of the Institute for Health Research. Weekly webinar sessions were held to provide the teams with training in the principles and practice of behaviour change. Practical tasks in each session provided the teams with the opportunity to apply what they learned to their own projects: (a) ‘How peer-led falls prevention education may help improve adherence to falls prevention strategies’ and (b) ‘Development of a mobile learning self-management program to prevent extreme pressure ulcers following spinal cord injury’.

Training and Consultancy with the RecommendME! team

Winners of the 2013 Ageing Research Prize Workshop hosted by UCL Grand Challenges; the ‘RecommendME!’ team contacted the CBC for training in behaviour change. Specifically, the team wanted to learn a systematic approach which would help them develop a digital platform designed to provide activity recommendations for an ageing population. In two workshop style sessions, Dr Lou Atkins and Dr Caroline Wood introduced the team to two methods for developing behaviour change interventions: the Behaviour Change Wheel and the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy. The half-day sessions included practical tasks and discussions which allowed the team to talk through ideas and go away with an action plan for taking the project forward.

Interested in joining our consultancy team?

We are constantly expanding our consultancy team with the aim to:

  • Connect UCL-based researchers willing to provide consultancy, sharing information as to what colleagues are doing
  • Enable connections to be made between UCL-based researchers and external individuals/companies or researchers at other universities

If you are a UCL researcher interested in joining our consultancy team, please add your details to our database of behaviour change expertise at UCL.