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Blog: First new cohort of Behaviour Change MSc students settle in at UCL

24 November 2017

A new multidisciplinary MSc in Behaviour Change has been launched this autumn at University College London.  The first intake of 36 students will be introduced to cutting edge methods, theory and evidence relevant to changing behavior to address the societal problems we face. 



50% of the students are from the UK, with 50% from Europe, Australia, South America, Russia, China and the US.  Background disciplines including Psychology, Business studies, Economics, Criminology, History, Philosophy, Education and Policy. The students bring a rich range of previous experience. For example, Kerim Tasangil says,

‘I worked for 12 years as an associate Director for Swiss Investment Bank in Foreign Exchange system analysis. I agreed to accept a voluntary redundancy in 2013, which enabled me to start my MSc degree. Both my academic and professional background as well as my life experience (I am 44 now) will be very beneficial to meet the high demands of this programme.’ 

While Sterling Rippy has come from an applied behaviour change background, 

‘I've worked in a behavior change setting at the individual level through therapy with children with autism, tutoring sessions with undergraduate students, and in research studies increasing physical activity levels in sedentary individuals. These experiences led me to desire a further understanding of the concepts behind effective and evidence-based interventions in a variety of settings, and not just with individuals but at the societal level as well. I wanted learn more about applying the theoretical findings in behavioral science into real world, large-group settings and that's what led me to find the centre for behaviour change and thus, the MSc program.’

Read the full article on the Human Behaviour-Change Project website.

Author: Morgan Williamson