Centre for Behaviour Change


CBC Conf 2018: Keynote Abstract from Deborah Estrin - Using Small Data to Personalize, Sustain and Study Health Behavior

8 November 2017

Deborah Estrin (PhD, MIT; BS, UCB), Professor of Computer Science at Cornell Tech in New York City, is the second of our Keynote Speakers, read on to see her abstract for the conference.

Social networks, search engines, mobile apps, IoT vendors, online entertainment, and e-commerce sites have lead the way in using an individual’s digital traces to tailor service offerings, improve system performance, and target advertisements. A growing community of researchers are looking to these same “small, n=1, data” sources to create digital biomarkers for personalized health research and applications. This talk will address related activities at the Small data lab at Cornell Tech, and the larger mobile research study communities (i.e., ResearchKit(TM) and Research Stack.)