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Setting Up a New Centre

As the UK hub for doctoral training in science and engineering, BEAMS has a wealth of experience in setting up and administering Centres for Doctoral Training.

Groups wishing to set up centres can expect to receive support at every step along the way, and should get in touch for advice on the benefits of cohort-based training, and support in targeting seed funding.

In order to streamline the centre set up process, and concretise the best practice developed over many years of successful operation, BEAMS have created a standard structural framework for a centre for doctoral training.

This allows centres to undergo programme approval quickly, and provides a basis for sharing of resources such as module capacity between centres.

The framework consists of a standardised MRes (year 1) structure, with a series of options for progression from the MRes into the doctorate (years 2 to 4).

Because each centre is different, support is provided through consultation. Groups should get in touch with the Doctoral Training Manager to discuss their plans.