Arts and Sciences BASc 3 years

The three-year programme of core courses, major and minor pathway and internship.


Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 years

The three-year programme plus an additional year abroad.



Health and Environment


How our bodies work and the effect of the world on us

In each year, an Arts and Sciences students chooses 3 modules in their major and 1 in their minor. In year 1 students have a free choice of three modules in their major from the list offered, though some modules in year 1 may have certain A level requirements. Students have a free choice of one module in their minor, subject to timetabling constraints and A level requirements. Students choose major and minor modules in the first week of the course as part of the induction process.

Year 1

The 12 modules listed below are designated as best encapsulating the conception of the Health and Environment Pathway and are chosen to allow progression to the most number of higher level courses. Whilst every effort has been made to timetable these modules so that there are no clashes between any of them, we cannot guarantee that every combination is 100% clash-free.

Please note: module availability and content may be subject to change. 

code title units prerequisite taught
ANAT1003 Introduction to Anatomy and Developmental Biology 0.5 None
Term 1
ANTH1014A Biological Anthropology 0.5 None Term 1
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology A
A or AS Level Chemistry
Term 1
BIOC1008 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology C 0.5 None Term 2
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B 0.5
None Term 1
BIOL1005 Introduction to Genetics 0.5 None Term 2
BIOL1006 Life on Earth 0.5 None Term 1
GEOG1004 Human Ecology 0.5 None Term 1
GEOL1003 History of Life 0.5 At least one of Biology, Geology or Geography at A Level (or equivalent)
Term 2
Surface Processes 0.5
None Term 2
HPSC1004 Introduction to Science Policy Studies 0.5 None Term 2
PHAR1001 An Introduction to the Mechanisms of Drug Action 0.5 Background in Science A Levels
Term 1
PSYC6002 Introduction to Psychology
0.5 None Term 2
STAT6101 Introductory Statistical Methods and Computing
0.5 None Term 1

Years 2 and 3

Arts and Sciences is designed to offer you the maximum choice of modules at UCL and to encourage interdisciplinarity. To achieve this, in years 2 and 3 you will be offered a free choice of modules available at UCL across the entire university, so long as the choice is consistent with the Pathway objectives, and subject to the following important constraints:

  1. The student meets the prerequisites for a module. E.g. you could not do year 2 modules in Pharmacology without PHAR1001. Please note that although we aim to prepare you for a very wide range of choices in each department, there may be some modules at 2nd and 3rd year level which are not available due to prerequisites.
  2. The modules chosen fit in with the other modules on the student's timetable.
  3. The Programme Director (in consultation with the Pathway Representatives) approves the choice of modules. This is to ensure that the student works towards a coherent selection of modules which complement each other and which allow for the best academic progression of the student.
  4. The class has sufficient space to accept you.

Please note the selection below is only indicative. A much wider range of modules throughout UCL is available subject to the constraints above.

code title units prerequisite taught
ANAT2010 Introduction to Neuroanatomy 0.5 ANAT1003 Term 2
ANAT2050 Intermediate Anatomy 1.0 ANAT1003 Terms 1 & 2
Human Anatomy and Embryology (A: Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis) 0.5
Term 1
Human Anatomy and Embryology (B: Head and Limbs) 0.5
Term 2
ANTH2*** A range of Anthropology options are available subject to approval be the Dept. 1.0/0.5
  Term 1 or Term 2. Or Terms 1 & 2 (depending on the module selected)
ANTH7*** A range of Anthropology options are available subject to approval be the Dept. 1.0/0.5
  Term 1 or Term 2. Or Terms 1 & 2 (depending on the module selected)
ANTH7008 Man and Animals 0.5   Term 1
BIOC2001 Molecular Biology 1 BIOC1001, Prerequisite for BIOC3024 Term 1
BIOC2002 Essential Protein Structure and Function
0.5 BIOC1001, BIOC1008 or BIOC1009
Term 1
BIOC2005 Metabolism and Its Regulation 0.5
Prerequisites for BIOC3007/8 Term 2
BIOL2002 Field Course in Environmental Biology 0.5 BIOL1006  
BIOL2006 Introduction to Human Genetics 0.5 BIOL1005 Term 1
BIOL2007 Evolutionary Genetics 0.5 BIOL1005 Term 2
BIOL2012 Fundamentals of Ecology 0.5 BIOL1006 Term 2
GEOG2009 Environment and Society 0.5
Term 2
GEOG2014 Development Geography 0.5
GEOG1004 Term 2
Political Geography and Geopolitics 0.5
GEOG1004 Term 1
GEOG2023 Urban Geography 0.5
GEOG1004 Term 2
Cultural and Historical Geography 0.5
GEOG1004 Term 1
Vertebrate Palaeontology & Evolution 0.5
Term 1
HPSC2001 Policy Issues in the Life Sciences 0.5 HSPC1004 Term 1
HPSC2017A Action for Global Citizenship 0.5   Term 1
Action for Global Citizenship 0.5
  Term 2
HSPC2002 Science in the mass media 0.5   Term 2
HSPC2020 Philosophy of Medicine 0.5   Term 1
IMMN2001 Immunology 0.5 BIOC1008 or BIOC1009
Term 2
Infection 0.5 BIOC1008 or BIOC1009
Term 1
PSYC1202 Social Psychology 0.5 PSYC6002 Term 2
PSYC1203 The Psychology of Individual Differences 0.5 PSYC6002 Term 2
PSYC2206 Health and Clinical Psychology 0.5 PSYC6002 Term 1

Year 3

code title units prerequisite taught
ANAT3028 The Neurobiology of Neurogenerative Disease 0.5   Term 1
ANTH3*** A range of Anthropology options are available subject to approval by the Dept. 1.0/0.5
  Term 1 or Term 2. Or Terms 1 & 2 (depending on the module selected)
ANTH7*** A range of Anthropology options are available subject to approval by the Dept. 1.0/0.5
  Term 1 or Term 2. Or Terms 1 & 2 (depending on the module selected)
BIOC3008 Cell Regulation in Biotechnology, Health and Disease
0.5 BIOC1007 or BIOC2005 Term 2
BIOC3016 Genes to Disease 0.5   Term 1
BIOC3024 Molecular Mechanisms of Gene Expression and Regulation 0.5 BIOC2001
Term 2
BIOL3002 Plants, Environment and Climate Change 0.5   Term 1
BIOL3008 Species Conservation and Biodiversity 0.5 BIOL1005 and BIOL2012 are recommended
Term 2
BIOL3010 Molecular Evolution 0.5 BIOL1005 and BIOL1002 or equivalents Term 2
BIOL3011 Human Genetics in Context
0.5 BIOL3013 Term 2
BIOL3012 Sex, Genes and Evolution
0.5   Term 2
BIOL3013 Advanced Human Genetics: Basic Principles
0.5 BIOL2006 Term 1
BIOL3017 Biology of Aging 0.5   Term 1
BIOL3018 Vertebrate Life and Evolution 0.5 BIOL2009 is recommended but not required
Term 1
Geosciences Report 0.5
  Term 1 or Term 2
Biodiversity & Macro Evolutionary Patterns 1.0
GEOL1003. GEOL2008 is highly desirable
Terms 1 & 2
HPSC3028 Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Medicine 0.5   Term 2
Viruses and Disease 0.5   Term 2
Microbial Pathogenesis 0.5 INFN2001 and INIM3003 Term 2
Infectious Agents 0.5 INFN2001 Term 1
INIMG012 HIV Frontiers from research to clinic 0.5   Term 2
LAWS3016 Medicine, Ethics and the Law 1.0   Terms 1 & 2
Organisational Psychology
  Term 1
PSYC3109 The Psychology of Health Risks 0.5   Term 1
PSYC3307 Genes and Behaviour 0.5   Term 1