Arts and Sciences BASc 3 years

The three-year programme of core courses, major and minor pathway and internship.


Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 years

The three-year programme plus an additional year abroad.



Health and Environment


How our bodies work and the effect of the world on us

In each year, an Arts and Sciences students chooses 3 modules in their major and 1 in their minor. In year 1 students have a free choice of three modules in their major from the list offered, though some modules in year 1 may have certain A level requirements. Students have a free choice of one module in their minor, subject to timetabling constraints and A level requirements. Students choose major and minor modules in the first week of the course as part of the induction process.

Year 1

The 14 modules listed below are designated as best encapsulating the conception of the Health and Environment Pathway and are chosen to allow progression to the most number of higher level courses. Whilst every effort has been made to timetable these modules so that there are no clashes between any of them, we cannot guarantee that every combination is 100% clash-free.

Please note: module availability and content may be subject to change. 

code title units prerequisite module level
ANAT1003 Introduction to Anatomy and Developmental Biology 0.5 None
First Term 1
ANTH1014A Biological Anthropology 0.5 None First Term 1
Open Source Synthetic Biology
Term 2
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology A
A or AS Level (or equivalent) Chemistry
First Term 1
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B 0.5
None First Term 1
BIOL1005 Introduction to Genetics 0.5 None First Term 2
BIOL1006 Life on Earth 0.5 None First Term 1
GEOG1004 Human Ecology 0.5 None First Term 1
GEOL1003 History of Life 0.5 Biology, Geology or Geography at A Level (or equivalent) is advised
First Term 2
Surface Processes 0.5
None First Term 2
HPSC1004 Introduction to Science Policy Studies 0.5 None First Term 2
PHAR1001 An Introduction to the Mechanisms of Drug Action 0.5 Background in Science A Levels (or equivalent)
First Term 1
PSYC6002 Introduction to Psychology
0.5 None First Term 2
STAT6101 Introductory Statistical Methods and Computing
0.5 None First Term 1

Year 2 and Final Year

Information on course choices for the second and final year can be found in the 'Current Students' section at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/basc/current/Choices