Arts and Sciences BASc 3 years

The three-year programme of core courses, major and minor pathway and internship.


Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 years

The three-year programme plus an additional year abroad.



Looking, making and communicating

The aim of the course is to introduce students to a variety of skills enabling them to explore and communicate their ideas. Through a series of lectures, workshops and tutorials, students will be introduced to a range of tools and techniques associated with various media and encouraged to explore and communicate their ideas. In order to broaden their approach and way of thinking, students will be encouraged to draw inspiration from a range of disciplines including architectural, engineering, art, sculpture, languages, film, archaeology, and music.

Course Details

Cultural context of London – BASc Students will have opportunities to partake in organised walks and exhibitions in London, visits to professional offices, buildings and attend numerous lectures at the Bartlett and other UCL departments.

Ways of working – BASc Students will be encouraged to develop a studio culture and a way of developing and exploring ideas could develop a liaison with BSc Architecture students. A major part of Bartlett School of Architecture is the fabrication workshop. BASc students will have the opportunity to have access and use the facilities to experiment with fabricating using a variety of materials and technologies (wood, metal, plastic, concrete, laser-cutter, 3D printing).

The work developed in the first and second term will be culminated in a thorough comprehensive portfolio which will assess at the end of the academic year. The portfolio will be examined by an internal and external examining body including the BASc Course Director and representatives of the other selected modules.

The portfolio is a personal documentation of the student’s work and will include text, images, drawings etc and can take a range of forms, for example A1 or A4 book form. Whilst assessed as an independent module, the course will also aim to help the students be inquisitive, imaginative and apply their leant skills and techniques to their respective areas of investigation. The outcome is for each student to develop their own non-generic method of exploration and communication tailored and adapted to their own personality and interests, cultivated from other parallel BASc modules that they are taking.

First Term

The First Term will comprise weekly lectures /workshops + demonstrations over the period of 10 weeks. Key sessions would include introductions to:

  1. casting
  2. drawing a section through an object/ building/ city
  3. sketching and diagram techniques
  4. a range of model making techniques
  5. crafting and fabricating components in the Bartlett workshop
  6. Photography
  7. surveying techniques
  8. Portfolio and visual presentation
  9. Workshops and demonstrations led by a range of visiting professionals (textiles, carpentry, concrete casting etc)
  10. Visualisation software (Photoshop)

Second Term

Second term is largely centred around the study of a topic particular to each student, established in their other selected modules of the BASc. The tutorials will be in both one-to-one forms as well group presentations and discussions applying the knowledge and skills acquired in first term.