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The Arts and Sciences programmes are designed to prepare students for a wide variety of exciting careers. You can view the types of degrees available after graduation on the UCL Careers webpages. You can also read about where the BASc degree might take you here.

Employers comment that the degree will equip students with the breadth of knowledge, the cultural and quantitative awareness and the teamwork skills that they are looking for in graduate recruits. The hands-on experience provided by the summer internship is also highly valued.

The following comments, showing the value of multidisciplinarity, an appreciation of different skills and ways of working, and of globalisation, are typical of employers' responses:

"Need staff who are not only excellent in their chosen discipline, have strong leadership ethic and capability, and are comfortable working in a global environment, interaction with colleagues from across the world and preferably willing to work in in different countries." [AstraZeneca, quoted in Global Skills, an LSIS publication]

"Nowadays, the complexity of materials and components, from a...global supply chain, means that your management must have a thorough knowledge of the entire...chain and exactly how it all fits together, in order to make the right decision. The real stars of the future will be the Managers who take on board all this information to deliver projects..." [Representative from a leading retail chain, quoted in Global Skills, an LSIS publication]

"We're training leaders to think across silos. We now do that with 70 teams in the company. So we'll have a sales leader go run engineering. A lawyer go and run business-development [and so on]. We're going to train a generalist group of leaders who know how to learn and operate in collaboration teamwork. I think that's the future of leadership" [John Chambers, CEO CISCO, quoted in Robinson, Ken; 2011; Out of Our Minds; Capstone]

"Every single person in business needs to acquire the ability to change, the self-confidence to learn new things...The idea that we can win with brilliant scientists and technologists alone is nonsense. It's breadth of vision, the ability to understand all the influences at work, to flex between them and not be frightened of totally different experiences and viewpoints that hold the key...[The] specialist who cannot take the holistic view...is no use at all" [Sir John Harvey Jones, former leader of ICI, quoted in Robinson, Ken; 2011; Out of Our Minds; Capstone]

Skills gained from the BASc degree

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Life after the BASc degree

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