Arts and Sciences BASc 3 years

The three-year programme of core courses, major and minor pathway and internship.


Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 years

The three-year programme plus an additional year abroad.



Study Abroad

If you do not start on the Year Abroad course, then you need to have transferred from the 3-year degree to the Study Abroad programme by the beginning of the next academic year, i.e. you need to complete and sign a transfer form during the summer or earlier. This is so that you are on stream for the preparatory briefing meetings run by the UCL International Office which start in Term 1 of your second year.

You may transfer 'out' of the Study Abroad programme into the 3-year degree at any time during your second year. You still need to sign a transfer form but the timing is not so crucial.

Transfer forms are available from the BASc Departmental Tutor Moodle page.

Eligibility for Study Abroad

In order to confirm your place at a Study Abroad partner institution, you will normally be expected to have achieved a minimum 2.1 (60%) raw average* in your first year. Students who do not achieve this will require the approval of the Departmental Tutor based on their overall academic performance during the year.

*average means the total of the marks of all 8 courses, divided by 8.

The rule exists in order to protect you, as you will need to be able to cope with university standard courses at an institution abroad. This may include courses in a foreign language which you will find particularly difficult if you are also struggling with the subject itself.

The 4-units you complete during your Study Abroad (third) year are as follows:

Progress Portfolio A (0.5cu)
Progress Portfolio B (0.5cu)
Year Abroad Self-Evaluation C (1.0cu)
Performance Documentation A (0.5cu)
Performance Documentation B (0.5cu)
Study Abroad Project (1.0cu)

The first five modules are 'shell-units' which means you bundle inside them accounts of the courses you are taking, marks you have achieved and a diary of your experiences. The UCL Study Abroad Office will explain how you do this and provide all the necessary documentation. BASC3004 Study Abroad Project (1.0cu) is to be based on your studies during the year and submitted by 1 July of the year of your return (i.e. 1st July 2016).

Study Abroad Project

The Study Abroad Project is the only module which actually counts towards your degree classification (i.e. degree 'grade'). The other three 'shell-units' simply need to be completed. The Project counts as 12.99% of your degree, as it carries the weighting of a final year module. The final details of the project are yet to be finalised, but it will be written in your Core language and will be based on a theme which will allow you to discuss some aspect of your year abroad.

Language study whilst abroad

You must continue with your Core language study whilst on your year abroad so that you can progress to the next level when you return to UCL for your final year, either by studying at an institution where the language of instruction is the language you’re taking or enrolling in language classes at the appropriate level.