Arts and Sciences BASc 3 years

The three-year programme of core courses, major and minor pathway and internship.


Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 years

The three-year programme plus an additional year abroad.



Other UCL Services


Maximise your chances of landing an attractive job or academic position after your degree by getting involved early on in UCL’s extensive careers and employer skills programme.  We’ve put together a handy 5-step guide to get you off to a flying start. Much of our work is delivered in your department by dedicated careers consultants who you will meet during your inductions, but to see what you can go on to do with your degree visit: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/students/department

At UCL you will be given every opportunity to gain skills and experience that will make you stand out in future applications. Key programmes include Education for Global Citizenship, Key Skills, and the Skills4Work programme. If you have any questions, please get in touch, and we hope you have a rewarding time at UCL.

UCL Careers - Find Your Future
4th Floor | ULU Building | Malet Street | London WC1E 7HY | +44 (0)20 7866 3600
Web: www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | Twitter: @UCLCareers | Facebook: UCL Careers
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Volunteering Services Unit

London is the most diverse city in the world, and the best way to discover it is by getting involved in with the Volunteering Services Unit. UCL has the one of the biggest volunteering departments in the UK - with over 400 different projects to choose from – so make the most of us whilst you're here!

As a student in the Department of Arts and Sciences, volunteering is a great way to get involved in local projects and apply your diverse skills for the benefit of the community. You'll make new friends and improve your chances of getting decent paid work too. But most of all, you'll be making a difference right here in this exciting city!

You'll get loads of support and advice from both the Volunteering Services Unit and the student-run Volunteering Society. Here's what they do:

Volunteering Services Unit

  • 1-to-1 advice sessions to help you choose the ideal project
  • On-going support from our staff
  • Innovations Programme (student leadership scheme)
  • Personal Development Programmes
  • One-off events
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Helpline on 020 7679 2512

Volunteering Society

  • Meet other student volunteers
  • Swap ideas
  • Amazing socials and charity fundraising events
  • Info on volunteering abroad
  • UCLU’s Volunteering Magazine
  • Regular Wednesday afternoon meetings

The Next Step...

  • Have a look at their web pages, www.uclu.org/volunteers
  • Drop in and see us on the first floor of the UCLU Lewis Building at the top of Gower Street.
  • Email us at volunteering@ucl.ac.uk
  • Go to the Volunteering Fair, Thursday 3 October, 12-3pm in the North & South Cloisters, where there will be over 60 different stalls to browse.

UCL Global Citizenship Programme

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme offers undergraduate students the chance to put their studies in a global context, learn new skills and see the world differently. From tackling the same global issues as UCL’s Grand Challenges to volunteering and enterprise opportunities, there is something different on offer across all years of your degree.

The Programme takes place at the end of the summer term, after undergraduate exams have finished, and is focused on small-group project work. You will be working with students from across UCL, and previous students have really valued the opportunity to see how those from other disciplines tackle the same complex issues. It's a great way to pick up new skills, make new friends and to broaden your knowledge beyond your degree programme.

It is optional for all undergraduates, and there are different choices for first-year and second, third and final year students. You can find out more at www.ucl.ac.uk/global-citizenship/programme, including details of how to register for this year's Programme. As this is not run by your Department, questions should be directed to globalcitizenshipprogramme@ucl.ac.uk, rather than departmental staff.

It is not possible to take part in this during your first year as it will clash with the compulsory BASC1004 End-of-Year Lab Conference.

Transition Programme

The Transition Programme is a project which supports all new UCL undergraduates in their transition to adapt to university life. This transition can be a particularly stressful time for students as they adapt to new academic demands and a different way of life.

Transition mentors are experienced students who run peer-assisted learning workshops and group mentoring sessions to help new students in their department with the personal and academic challenges they may face. These sessions are for 8 – 10 people and are held once in a week in Term 1.

Following your own experiences of the Transition Programme, you may want to train to be a Transition Mentor during your second and third years. Requests for new mentors are usually made in February / March and will be publicised on the BASc Bulletin Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/198331693629040/.