Arts and Sciences BASc 3 years

The three-year programme of core courses, major and minor pathway and internship.


Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 years

The three-year programme plus an additional year abroad.



Other important information

Health and Safety Information

The Health and Safety Officer is Owain Evans, who is based in room G14, 1-4 Malet Place (ext: 32573).

Accident reporting

Anyone suffering or observing an accident in the Common Room should report it to the Departmental Safety Officer (Owain Evans) and obtain an accident report form. The completed form is then returned to Owain for forwarding to the College Safety Office. Serious accidents should be reported immediately to the Safety Office (ext: 28820).

Emergency situations

In all emergencies, phone 222.

Fire safety and Emergency Evacuation

If you discover a fire, phone 222 and sound the firm alarm.

Evacuate the department via the fire escapes.

Assemble in the South Quadrangle / South Junction (near the Print Room Café).

If the firm alarm sounds, evacuate the department via the fire escapes and assemble in the South Quadrangle / South Junction. DO NOT block the exits from the building.

First Aid

The department’s First Aider is Amanda Cater (ext: 51190). Please contact her if first aid is needed. Outside of office hours, you should visit the UCH Accident and Emergency Department.

In the event of a major injury, phone 222 from any UCL phone, state your location, telephone number and details of the accident. Obtain assistance from the nearest First Aider.

A First Aid box is situated in room G14, 1-4 Malet Place.

Data Protection

Students should note the following in relation to the Data Protection Act (1998):

Photographs / videos

  • Your photography will be made available via Portico to members of staff.
  • We may wish to display photographs / videos of department activities for publicity purposes.
  • The UCL Development Office may wish to use your photograph in a UCL publication, e.g. as a news item or to publicise a future event.

Contact details

  • Students’ email addresses are publicly available in the UCL online Directory.
  • Other contact details held by the Department or in Portico are available only to members of UCL staff and will not be disclosed to anybody else without your express permission.
  • The Department may wish to publish student names and UCL email addresses on its website, e.g. for members of the Staff-Student Committee.


  • Any records generated when you access e-learning resources, such as Moodle, are subject to the Data Protection Act.

Academic procedures

  • Marked written work will be returned to you in person. Essays not collected by the end of the year will be disposed of confidentially.
  • Degree results will be displayed, by student or candidate number only, on the notice board in the common room. You will receive your individual examination marks in a final transcript from the Examinations section of Registry and Academic Services.


  • The Department will confirm your student status to outside agencies, such as landlords.
  • If you wish your tutor to give references for a prospective employer, please ask permission before giving their name.
  • If you have any concerns about the use of your personal information by the Department or UCL, please contact the Undergraduate Officer, Cristy Meadows, in the first instance.

Green UCL

Please try and help us meet our target of reducing our carbon emissions. You can view UCL’s commitment to going green at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/greenucl


UCL has implemented a waste management strategy that emphasises recycling to reduce the amount of waste we generate. Non-recyclable items such as food, waxed paper and polystyrene must be put into bins with black liners as this goes to landfill. Anything that can be recycled, e.g. paper, card, glass, cans and most plastic, should be put into bins with clear bin liners.

There is also a food waste recycling bin in the kitchen of the common room. All food waste, used tea bags and coffee grounds should be put into this bin so that it can be turned into compost.

Energy efficiency

Many rooms across UCL have had energy efficient lighting installed. The lights in the common room and kitchen are designed to come on when somebody enters the room. If you are last out, please ensure you switch them off fully to save power.


UCL’s policy is to use recycled paper for all UCL business. In addition, email and the internet are more frequently used to convey information and save paper. Please try to save paper by only printing when necessary and by printing / photocopying double-sided when possible.


Do not leave personal belongings unattended as UCL does not accept responsibility for loss of students’ personal property. Enquiries regarding lost property should be made at the Customer Services Centre which is located on the ground floor of Foster Court.

UCL’s location makes it difficult to entirely prevent the access of unauthorised people to College premises. If you see anybody acting suspiciously, please inform either the Departmental staff or the Security Office (ext: 37111).

We have, unfortunately, had a couple of thefts from the common room so please don't leave your items in there unattended.


Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere in the Department or in any UCL building. Please also ensure that you do not smoke near any doors, windows or the steps leading up to the common room.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is permitted in the Common Room only, so no loud conversations in the vestibule outside the BASc Office please!

All phones should be switched off / put on silent when in lectures or seminars to ensure that you don't disturb your fellow students.