Arts and Sciences BASc 3 years

The three-year programme of core courses, major and minor pathway and internship.


Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad BASc 4 years

The three-year programme plus an additional year abroad.




Plagiarism is completely unacceptable. UCL uses a detection system (Turnitin) to scan all work for evidence of plagiarism. This system gives access to billions of sources worldwide, including websites and journals, as well as work previously submitted to the Department, UCL and other universities.

Although all essays and coursework will be based on what you’ve heard, read or discussed, they must be entirely your own work. It’s important that you avoid plagiarism that is the presentation of another person’s words or thoughts as your own. Plagiarism can be:

  1. the unacknowledged lifting of large continuous chunks of another author’s work.
  2. the unacknowledged stringing together of disconnected sentences and phrases of another author’s work.
  3. the close paraphrasing of another author’s work without referencing and acknowledgement.

Plagiarism is a serious offence akin to cheating. Students suspected of plagiarising other sources of work will have to meet with the Departmental Tutor and, in serious cases, be referred to the Faculty Tutor. Where plagiarism is extensive and repeated, students may be requested to leave the course.

There is no distinction recognised between “intentional” and “unintentional” plagiarism. To ensure you avoid any plagiarism in your essays, your notes must record who said or wrote what and should always be clear in both your notes and essays what work is yours and what is the work of others.


As well as ensuring all your essays and coursework are your own work, you must also avoid self-plagiarism, i.e. you cannot submit the same piece of work (either with or without stylistic variation) in order to gain credit more than once. The same criteria apply to self-plagiarism as to other forms of plagiarism and so will incur a penalty. This could be a mark of zero or a reduction in the overall mark.

Full information on UCL's plagiarism policy can be found at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/guidelines/plagiarism