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Dr Mark Barrett (Systems) brought new systems modeling skills to UCL via a short-term Platform funded fellowship. He moved to a RCUK Academic Fellowship and is now a Senior Lecturer. As a consultant and academic, he has 30 years' experience modelling and developing policies for energy demand and supply systems, and transport systems so as to meet environmental, economic and energy objectives. He has developed overall scenarios of energy and emissions, and the transport (surface and aviation) and electricity sectors in European countries, including trade optimisation.

He has worked at international, national and regional levels in the UK, Europe and Asia for clients including Universities, the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, UK Government departments, the Japan Clean Air Programme, local authorities, private companies and consultancies, and non-governmental environmental organisations.

Dr Barrett is currently a Co-I on the EDF/EPSRC ‘Energy People and Buildings’ project, the EPSRC funded ‘Low Carbon Shipping’ project and Energy Technology Institute funded projects on ‘Distributed Energy and Thermal Efficiency’ in the domestic sector.

Research Summary

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Research outputs

The importance of optimization and controls in future intelligent grids 2013 Spataru C,Barrett M
Optimizing Building Energy Systems and Controls for Energy and Environment Policy 2013 Barrett M,Spataru C
Dynamic simulation of energy system 2013 Barrett M,Spataru C
Smart Consumers, Smart Controls, Smart Grid 2012 Spataru C,Barrett M
The impact of housing energy efficiency improvements on reduced exposure to cold - the 'temperature take back factor' 2011 Hamilton IG,Davies M,Ridley I,Oreszczyn T,Barrett M,Lowe R,Hong S,Wilkinson P,Chalabi Z
Public health benefits of strategies to reduce green house-gas emissions: household energy 2009 Wilkinson P,Smith K,Davies M,Adair H,Armstrong B,Barrett M,Haines A,Hamilton I,Oreszczyn T,Ridley I,Tonne C,Chalabi Z
Public health effects of strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions: overview and implications for policy makers 2009 Haines A,McMichael AJ,Smith KR,Roberts I,Woodcock J,Markandya A,Armstrong B,Campbell-Lendrum D,Dangour AD,Davies M,Bruce N,Tonne C,Barrett M,Wilkinson P,Task FOCCMAPH
How to support growth with less energy 2008 Barrett M,Lowe RJ,Oreszczyn T,Steadman P
A Renewable Electricity System for the UK 2007 Barrett M
Low Emission Energy Scenarios for the European Union 2007 Barrett MA
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Research activities

City Energy Demand Simulation (CEDS)
Commercial and industrial electricity load profiles
FALCON Project
People, Energy and Buildings: Distribution, Diversity and Dynamics (PEB:D3)