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Research Summary

Robert Lowe is a physicist with a broad interest in the field of buildings, energy and sustainability. Until 2006 he was at Leeds Metropolitan University, where he directed numerous studies relating to climate change and the energy performance of housing, culminating in the Stamford Brook Project. In February 2006 he joined UCL as Professor of Energy and Building Science. Since 2004 he has been a member of the FMNectar Consortium supporting DCLG in the development of UK building performance standards. He is currently the Director of the UCL Energy Institute and Director of the UCL-Loughborough Doctoral Training Centre in Energy Demand Reduction in Buildings.

Research outputs

Heat metering: socio-technical challenges in district-heated social housing 2015 Morgenstern P,Lowe R,Chiu LF
Solid-wall U -values: heat flux measurements compared with standard assumptions 2015 Li FGN,Smith AZP,Biddulph P,Hamilton IG,Lowe R,Mavrogianni A,Oikonomou E,Raslan R,Stamp S,Stone A,Summerfield AJ,Veitch D,Gori V,Oreszczyn T
A socio-technical approach to post-occupancy evaluation: interactive adaptability in domestic retrofit 2014 Chiu LF,Lowe R,Raslan RM,Altamirano H,Wingfield J
Key findings report: Retrofit project team perspectives. London: Institute for Sustainability 2013 Lowe R,Chiu LF,Raslan RM,Altamirano H
Energy efficiency in the British housing stock: Energy demand and the Homes Energy Efficiency Database 2013 Hamilton ,Steadman PJ,Bruhns H,Summerfield AJ,Lowe RJ,Hamilton IG,Steadman PJ,Bruhns H,Summerfield AJ,Lowe RJ
Meta-Analysis of European Heat Pump Field Trial Efficiencies 2013 Lowe R,Gleeson C
The Effect of party wall permeability on estimations of infiltration from air leakage 2013 Lowe R,Jones B,Das P,Chalabi Z,Davies M,Hamilton I,Milner J,Ridley I,Shrubsole C,Wilkinson P
Retrofit project team perspectives summary guides: Retrofit Delivery 2012 Raslan RM,Lowe R,Chiu LF,Altamirano H
The relationship between permeability and infiltration in conjoined dwellings 2012 Jones BM,Das P,Chalabi Z,Davies M,Hamilton I,Lowe R,Milner J,Ridley I,Shrubsole C,Wilkinson P
Occupant-centred retrofit: engagement and communication Key Findings: Analysis of a selection of Retrofit for the Future projects 2012 Lowe R,Chiu LF,Raslan RM,Altamirano H
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Research activities

Analysis of data from heat pumps installed via the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme
People, Energy and Buildings: Distribution, Diversity and Dynamics (PEB:D3)