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The UCL Energy Institute delivers world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. Our approach blends expertise from across UCL, to make a truly interdisciplinary contribution to the development of a globally sustainable energy system. We are part of The Bartlett: UCL's global faculty of the built environment.



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Research Summary

Research outputs

Economics and market prospects of portable fuel cells☆ 2008 AGNOLUCCI P
The importance and the policy impacts of post-contractual opportunism and competition in the English and Welsh non-fossil fuel obligation 2007 Agnolucci P
Uncertainty and the Tyndall decarbonisation scenarios 2007 Mander S,Bows A,Anderson K,Shackley S,Agnolucci P,Ekins P
The effect of financial constraints, technological progress and long-term contracts on tradable green certificates 2007 Agnolucci P
Prospects of fuel cell auxiliary power units in the civil markets☆ 2007 AGNOLUCCI P
Technological change in niches: Auxiliary Power Units and the hydrogen economy 2007 Agnolucci P,McDowall W
Renewable electricity policies in The Netherlands 2007 Agnolucci P
Wind electricity in Denmark: A survey of policies, their effectiveness and factors motivating their introduction 2007 Agnolucci P
Hydrogen infrastructure for the transport sector☆ 2007 Agnolucci P
New Lessons for Technology Policy and Climate Change: Investment for Innovation: a briefing document for policymakers 2007 Köhler J,Barker T,Pan H,Agnolucci P,Ekins P,Foxon T,Anderson D,Winne W,Dewick P,Miozzo M,Green K
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Research activities

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