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The UCL Energy Institute delivers world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. Our approach blends expertise from across UCL, to make a truly interdisciplinary contribution to the development of a globally sustainable energy system. We are part of The Bartlett: UCL's global faculty of the built environment.



I am an academic with a strong interest in the application of quantitative methods in fields including energy and the environment. I have worked in the private sector and have acted as a consultant to several institutions and private clients, especially the European Commission and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.  I have a PhD in Economics from Birkbeck College and a MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from UCL.

Research Summary

  • Applied Econometrics and  Machine Learning
  • Energy Demand 
  • Impacts of Energy Systems
  • Programme Evaluation
  • Trade and Shipping

Research outputs

Designing optimal infrastructures for delivering hydrogen to consumers 2015 Li FGN,McDowall W,Agnolucci P,Akgul O,Papageorgiou LG
Energy efficiency and time charter rates: Energy efficiency savings recovered by ship owners in the Panamax market 2014 Agnolucci P,Smith T,Rehmatulla N
Heat Markets 2014 Li FGN,Agnolucci P
The Home Front: A process evaluation of the Warm Front programme 2014 Hamilton I,Agnolucci P
The importance of economies of scale, transport costs and demand patterns in optimising hydrogen fuelling infrastructure: An exploration with SHIPMod (Spatial hydrogen infrastructure planning model) 2013 Agnolucci P,McDowall W,Akgul O,Papageorgiou LG
Designing future hydrogen infrastructure: Insights from analysis at different spatial scales 2013 Agnolucci P,Mcdowall W
Hydrogen Economics and Policy 2012 Agnolucci P,Hughes N
The effect of the German and UK Environmental Tax Reforms on the demand for labour and energy 2011 Agnolucci P
Industrial energy intensities in the UK: is there a deterministic or stochastic difference among sectors?” 2011 Agnolucci P,Venn A
Is Environmental tax Reform an appropriate policy for industrial sectors with different energy intensities? An analysis fof UK industrial sectors 2011 Agnolucci P
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Research activities

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