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The UCL Energy Institute delivers world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. Our approach blends expertise from across UCL, to make a truly interdisciplinary contribution to the development of a globally sustainable energy system. We are part of The Bartlett: UCL's global faculty of the built environment.



I am an academic with a strong interest in the application of quantitative methods in fields including energy and the environment. I have worked in the private sector and have acted as a consultant to several institutions and private clients, especially the European Commission and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.  I have a PhD in Economics from Birkbeck College and a MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from UCL.

Research Summary

  • Applied Econometrics and  Machine Learning
  • Energy Demand 
  • Impacts of Energy Systems
  • Programme Evaluation
  • Trade and Shipping

Research outputs

The impact of Chinese carbon emission trading scheme (ETS) on low carbon energy (LCE) investment 2016 Mo J-L,Agnolucci P,Jiang M-R,Fan Y
A review of Chinese CO2 emission projections to 2030: the role of economic structure and policy 2015 Grubb M,Sha F,Spencer T,Hughes N,Zhang Z,Agnolucci P
Health and climate change: Policy responses to protect public health 2015 Watts N,Adger WN,Agnolucci P,Blackstock J,Byass P,Cai W,Chaytor S,Colbourn T,Collins M,Cooper A,Cox PM,Depledge J,Drummond P,Ekins P,Galaz V,Grace D,Graham H,Grubb M,Haines A,Hamilton I,Hunter A,Jiang X,Li M,Kelman I,Liang L,Lott M,Lowe R,Luo Y,Mace G,Maslin M,Nilsson M,Oreszczyn T,Pye S,Quinn T,Svensdotter M,Venevsky S,Warner K,Xu B,Yang J,Yin Y,Yu C,Zhang Q,Gong P,Montgomery H,Costello A
Designing optimal infrastructures for delivering hydrogen to consumers 2015 Li FGN,McDowall W,Agnolucci P,Akgul O,Papageorgiou LG
The role of hydrogen and fuel cells in providing affordable, secure low-carbon heat 2014 Dodds PE,Ekins P,Hawkes A,Li F,Staffell I,McDowall WAS,Grünewald P,Kansara T,Agnolucci P
Heat Markets 2014 Li FGN,Agnolucci P
Energy efficiency and time charter rates: Energy efficiency savings recovered by ship owners in the Panamax market 2014 Agnolucci P,Smith T,Rehmatulla N
The Home Front: A process evaluation of the Warm Front programme 2014 Hamilton I,Agnolucci P
Designing future hydrogen infrastructure: Insights from analysis at different spatial scales 2013 Agnolucci P,Mcdowall W
The importance of economies of scale, transport costs and demand patterns in optimising hydrogen fuelling infrastructure: An exploration with SHIPMod (Spatial hydrogen infrastructure planning model) 2013 Agnolucci P,McDowall W,Akgul O,Papageorgiou LG
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Research activities

Sino-European Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency (SINCERE) project