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The UCL Energy Institute delivers world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. Our approach blends expertise from across UCL, to make a truly interdisciplinary contribution to the development of a globally sustainable energy system. We are part of The Bartlett: UCL's global faculty of the built environment.



Prior to coming to UCL  in 2009 I was (in reverse chronological order):
- A PhD student at the University of Melbourne. PhD title: ‘Fitness Landscapes and the Precautionary Principle: The Geometry of Environmental Risk’.
- Working at the CSIRO Division of Building Construction and Engineering.
- Studying Architecture at Deakin University

Research Summary

I am Reader in Energy and the Built Environment at the UCL Energy Institute. My research focuses on how technology and behaviour interact to influence energy use in buildings, and which research designs and methods are best suited to understanding such interactions. My research is frequently highly interdisciplinary (spanning the social and physical sciences), and empirical (based on experimental and field research, analysis of data, and construction of models from data). 

I am a member of the ASHRAE Multi-Disciplinary Task Group on Occupant Behaviour in Buildings; the IEA Annex 66 ‘Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behaviour in Buildings’ and IEA Annex 69 ‘Strategy and Practice of Adaptive Thermal Comfort for Lowering Energy use in Buildings’. 

I am an editorial board member of Nature Scientific Data, review papers for a dozen international journals, and am a grant reviewer and panel member for EPSRC, ESRC, AHRC, NERC and the Leverhulme Trust. I am currently co-investigator in the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology, academic lead on the Ofgem LCNF Vulnerable Customers and Energy Efficiency project, sit on the Strategic Advisory Group of the ETI Smart Systems Programme, am an academic advisor and consultant to DECC on the Smart Metering programme, and was academic lead on ‘social aspects of smart energy systems’ in the FCO SIN/UKERC Smart Energy Systems academic and trade mission to Japan. 

I have also done consultancy work for the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB); the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP); the UK Emissions Trading Group (UK-ETG); the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE); and for English Heritage, and was a member of the Carbon Technical Advisory Group for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Research outputs

Too hot, too cold? An analysis of factors associated with thermal comfort in English homes. 2016 Huebner G,Shipworth D,Hamilton I,Oreszczyn T
Understanding electricity consumption: A comparative contribution of building factors, socio-demographics, appliances, behaviours and attitudes 2016 Huebner G,Shipworth D,Hamilton I,Chalabi Z,Oreszczyn T
Energy efficiency uptake and energy savings in English houses: A cohort study 2016 Hamilton IG,Summerfield AJ,Shipworth D,Steadman JP,Oreszczyn T,Lowe RJ
Saving energy with light? Experimental studies assessing the impact of colour temperature on thermal comfort 2016 Huebner GM,Shipworth DT,Gauthier S,Witzel C,Raynham P,Chan W
All about size? – The potential of downsizing in reducing energy demand 2016 Huebner GM,Shipworth D
A novel method of determining events in combination gas boilers: Assessing the feasibility of a passive acoustic sensor 2016 Neeld T,Eaton J,Naylor PA,Shipworth D
Diversity in Thermal Sensation: drivers of variance and methodological artefacts. 2016 Shipworth D,Huebner G,Schweiker M,Kingma B
Is it time? Consumers and time of use tariffs 2015 Fell M,Nicolson M,Huebner GM,Shipworth D
Empirical variation in 24-h profiles of delivered power for a sample of UK dwellings: Implications for evaluating energy savings 2015 Summerfield AJ,Oreszczyn T,Hamilton IG,Shipworth D,Huebner GM,Lowe RJ,Ruyssevelt P
Global sensitivity analysis of England's housing energy model 2015 Hughes M,Palmer J,Cheng V,Shipworth D
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Research activities

People, Energy and Buildings: Distribution, Diversity and Dynamics (PEB:D3)
Vulnerable Customers and Energy Efficiency (VCEE)