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Steve has been a spatial software developer for the past 5 years, making visualising complex datasets on maps easier. With over 10 years of professional software development under his belt he has built multiple award winning systems and his work has been featured in various worldwide media outlets (CNN, BBC, etc). In recent years he has specialised on building mobile applications (mainly iOS) and systems that open up the world of data visualisation, mining and analysis to the masses. He can sometimes be found on StackOverflow answering questions about Google Maps API and the iOS SDK. In addition to this he also gives lectures and workshops to academics and industry partners on using Google Docs and Fusion Tables to create compelling visualisations to showcase on Google Maps and Google Earth. His current research focuses on distributed high performance computing and analysing large datasets in real-time (while mapping the results!). In his spare time you will find him walking long distances, climbing mountains, composing music or playing the piano or trumpet.

Steven Gray joined CASA in September 2009 and during his time within the departments has worked on various projects by building platforms to meet the demand for powerful simulation tools by social scientists, public and private sector policymakers. Previously, Steve worked at the University of Glasgow as a Research Assistant with the Glasgow Interaction and Systems Group (GIST - Computing Science) as part of the EPSRC funded Open Interface project.

Research Summary

His current research interests include Large scale data collection and data analysis, Human Computer Interaction, mobile development, accessible web development with a focus on Social Media, Web based Mapping and Ubiquitous Computing.

Research outputs

Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation 2016 Bailey-Ross C,Gray S,Ashby J,Terras MM,Hudson-Smith A,Warwick C
Textal: Unstructured Text Analysis Workflows Through Interactive Smartphone Visualisations 2015 Gray S,Ammann R,Terras MM
Textal: a text analysis smartphone app for Digital Humanities 2013 Terras MM,Gray S,Ammann R
Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation 2013 Ross C,Gray S,Warwick C,Hudson-Smith A,Terras M
Enhancing Museum Narratives: Tales of Things and UCL's Grant Museum 2013 Ross C,Carnall M,Hudson-Smith A,Warwick C,TERRAS MM,Gray S
Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation 2012 Ross C,Gray S,Warwick C,Hudson-Smith A,Terras M
Enhancing Museum Narratives with the QRator Project: a Tasmanian devil, a Platypus and a Dead Man in a Box 2012 Gray S,Ross C,Hudson-Smith A,Warwick C,Terras M
Experiments with the Internet of Things in Museum Space: QRator 2012 Hudson-Smith A,Gray S,Ross C,Barthel R,de Jode M,Warwick C,Terras M
Text mining with Textal 2012 Gray S,Terras M

Research activities

TALISMAN: Geospatial Data Analysis and Simulation
Textal: Text Analysis Application