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UCL School of Energy and Resources

Research in the School of Energy and Resources focuses on both the upstream and downstream development of energy and resources, covering a wide range of disciplines - from engineering and economics to environmental science and law. 

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Mullard Space Science Laboratory

The Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) is a world-leading research organisation delivering a broad science programme that is underpinned by a strong capability in space science instrumentation, space-domain engineering, space medicine, systems engineering and project management.

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International Energy Policy Institute

The International Energy Policy Institute (IEPI) was created to address key policy issues in the mineral, energy and resources industries through intensive and innovative research.

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2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report cover

Read about all departmental research in the 2014 Annual Report.

Santos Scholarships for study at University College London (Australia)

Scholarship Regulations

Each year the UCL School of Energy and Resources, Australia awards up to five Santos Scholarships to the most outstanding students to study the UCL MSc in Energy and Resources Management.

These scholarships are available for students commencing their studies each February. 

1. The scholarship is open to Australian and international students to study full-time on the MSc in Energy and Resources Management programme.

2. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence and potential. Financial circumstances are not taken into account.

3. Applicants who meet the criteria for UCL admission will be ranked in their scholarship application on:

a. academic performance; 

b. industry experience;

c. a 500 word essay ; 

d. a personal statement; and

e. an interview (where candidates will be asked to demonstrate their commitment to the UCL graduate values); 

4. Scholarships will be awarded by the Head of Department, on the recommendation of a selection panel made up of academic staff. If there are not sufficiently qualified applications, scholarships may not be awarded and may be re-allocated and awarded during later intakes.

5. The value of each MSc scholarship is up to the total tuition fees for the two years of the programme (AUD$64,500) paid directly to UCL (Australia). The scholarship is tenable for two years (full time), subject to continued satisfactory academic progress (achieving a grade average of 60% or better in first year).  The Scholarship cannot be deferred.

6. In addition to the cost of tuition fees, those who are not in full-time employment may be awarded a stipend for living expenses of up to AUD$25,000 payable in each year of the programme. Where applicable, the scholarship stipend will normally be payable to the recipient in monthly instalments over the duration of the programme and is intended for maintenance purposes. The award letter and payment will be administered by UCL. The Scholarship does not cover: travel, accommodation, field work, living costs, medical cover, insurance and any other study-related expenses such as materials, books and equipment. These costs will be the responsibility of the successful recipient.

7. The scholarship may not normally be held alongside other scholarships, studentships, awards or bursaries and recipients of the scholarship may not undertake additional full-time university studies alongside the programme.

8. Recipients will be required to undertake full-time study and be resident in Adelaide for the entire duration of the programme.

9. Recipients may be required to submit a letter of gratitude to the donor. The letter should include comment on the impact of the scholarship on the recipient’s education and how the award has benefited them. It should also include details of proposed career plans and any career developments. The donor may request the opportunity to meet the recipient of the scholarship.

10. Recipients of the scholarship will be required to participate in any promotional activities for the Santos scholarship, including but not limited to, photographs and testimonials for the website.

11. Withdrawal or termination of award. The scholarship will terminate if: the recipient withdraws from the programme; the recipient does not conform to the regulations of the scholarship; the recipient does not conform to UCL Australia’s Policies and Procedures; the recipient does not meet the definition of satisfactory academic progress. In this instance the recipient will be required to repay the scholarship amount paid in full. 

Requests for extensions to the period of study or temporary suspension of the Scholarship must be made in writing for review by UCL Australia on a case-by-case basis.

12. All scholarships and awards are subject to review and to the provisions of UCL’s General Regulations for Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries, Prizes and Medals. 


1. For those who are in more than 50% employment, they will not be eligible to receive a pro-rated amount of the stipend.

The value of these scholarships is correct as at September 2013 and may be subject to change in future intakes.

Amended 30/09/2013