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Published: Mar 31, 2014 11:30:00 PM

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Published: Mar 17, 2014 8:30:00 PM

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Published: Mar 14, 2014 6:22:59 AM


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Research in the School of Energy and Resources focuses on both the upstream and downstream development of energy and resources, covering a wide range of disciplines - from engineering and economics to environmental science and law. 

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The Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) is a world-leading research organisation delivering a broad science programme that is underpinned by a strong capability in space science instrumentation, space-domain engineering, space medicine, systems engineering and project management.

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The International Energy Policy Institute (IEPI) was created to address key policy issues in the mineral, energy and resources industries through intensive and innovative research.

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Professor Stefaan Simons

Professor Stefaan Simons

Nelson Enano Jr.

Nelson Enano Jr.

In the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao Island, power outages of 8-12 hours a day are not uncommon. UCL PhD candidate, Nelson Enano, Jr., believes the research he is undertaking at UCL’s Australia campus could provide the answers to economically efficient and environmentally sound energy systems for his home country. 

It is his love for the Philippines and belief that he can truly make a difference that drives the 32-year-old student whose research is focused on sustainable energy systems for developing countries, thanks to a scholarship that allows him to pursue a highly respected UCL PhD funded by the Australian Development Awards.

His PhD study is focused on creating a market value for marginal reliability at the brink of an outage caused by generation capacity inadequacy and renewable energy resources intermittency. This study is hoped to model the optimal options for the electricity infrastructure in the Philippines. One of the first steps towards achieving this greater research objective is the determination of the ‘value of lost load’ or VOLL. 

“Mindanao is currently experiencing energy crisis, so I hope to determine the most sustainable approach to overcome this, through determining the optimal mix of energy resources available.”

“Really my dream is to eventually participate more in the policy decision processes in the energy sector of the Philippines, using science and engineering and my training in policy analysis.” 

Nelson has a Masters of Science in Engineering and Policy Analysis from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and an Electronics Engineering degree from Ateneo de Davao University in the Philippines.

Prior to coming to Australia, he headed the Centre for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology at Ateneo de Davao University, and has undertaken internships in international telecommunications in Geneva and some research projects in the Netherlands.

With this experience already behind him, Nelson says it was a clear fit to pursue an interdisciplinary PhD study at UCL Australia.

“Australia’s proximity to the Philippines provides me some comfort while doing my study here. Aside from that, Australia provides me another perspective on energy issues adding to those of European and Asian countries’.”

Nelson says UCL Australia’s Adelaide campus has also proved to be a positive choice for him.

“Adelaide suits my personality,” he says.

“It’s a perfect match for me. There is this academic atmosphere in Adelaide that allows you to pursue research questions along with some of the world-renowned universities located in just one small city. It is easy to network with people with big insights here.”

While Nelson dreams of one day becoming amongst the policy makers in the energy sector in the Philippines, he hopes his research findings will be far reaching.

“My focus on developing countries is what makes my study different to some others and I hope in the future my research will help not just the Philippines but also other developing countries,” he says.

Nelson is being supervised by Professor Stefaan Simons and Emeritus Professor Tony Owen

Nelson studies at UCL Australia thanks to a scholarship from The Australia Awards. Deadlines of applications vary by award category and by country.