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How do you get there?

Lake Baikal, RussiaSearch the UCAS site search.ucas.co.uk/cs2002/cs.html


Try a few different approaches, e.g.

  • search for "Modern Languages" or
  • a language as a single subject or in combination
  • a subject such as Law or Business with a languages option.

Some courses are “ab initio", which means you can start them from scratch without previous knowledge.


There are only

  • 8 degree courses for Russian on its own but 150 in combination
  • 3 for Czech on its own but 51 in combination.

The same will apply to all languages.

All languages appear with “Business / Management”

Sometimes a language is included in a more general course, e.g.

  • Danish in “Scandinavian Studies”
  • Polish in “Slavonic Studies”
  • Portuguese in “Hispanic Studies”.

Students’ experiences

Look at this site:

Students and former students of the University of Aston tell about their courses, the year abroad or using languages in the jobs they are now doing.

Let Jasbir be your guide!