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ASCR AGM and Social Event, Wednesday 18th November 2015, 5.45pm

After the essential business of the meeting, enjoy some wine and a curry supper, accompanied by music from pianist Caroline Jaya-Ratnam and soprano Cassandra Manning.

Kitchen refurbishment


As a step towards our long term aim of improved kitchen facilities and serving area, Sodexo, the UCL caterers, have prepared a new design for that part of the Housman Room. The ASCR committee have been consulted on the scheme, and the drawings are with UCL Estates for consideration.

Past Events

  • ASCR AGM, Wednesday 19th November 2014

AGM documents
Minutes of the last meeting (draft) | Committee Report | Accounts | Treasurer's Report | Budget Proposal 2014-2015

  • Coffee Morning, Tuesday 11th March 2014, 10.45 - 12.00

Members can join us for tea and coffee, and delicious pastries, free of charge. For catering purposes please let h.skundric@ucl.ac.uk know if you plan to attend.

  • Artwork, July 2013

Many of you will have noticed the new painting above the fireplace in the Housman Room. The Augustus John is now in storage and has been replaced by A Cheered Up Girl, by Motoko Ishibashi.

Every year UCL Art Museum acquires student works from the Slade School of Fine Art through the William Coldstream Memorial Prize, an annual purchase prize which recognizes a student’s particular excellence in any medium.

This year, Motoko Ishibashi’s A Cheered Up Girl won the prize. Motoko completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Painting at Slade. She will pursue her studies in the autumn with a Master of Arts at the Royal Academy.

Her work experiments with references to Japanese popular culture, history and childhood memories. She mixes these references with abstract ideas, exploring notions of narrative to draw in the viewer. Her use of textures and colour creates aesthetic ties between elements that might at first appear to be unrelated.

  • Caroline Jaya-Ratnam, pianist, Thursday 27th February 2014, 17.45 - 19.45

Caroline will play a series of once-a-month evening slots to offer a different ambience to the room once in a while. No booking required. (Please see http://www.carolinejayaratnam.com)

  • Annual General Meeting, 20th November 2013

AGM documents
Minutes of the last meeting | Committee Report | Accounts | Treasurer's Report | Budget Proposal 2013-2014

  • Strawberries, Cream & Pimm's, July 2013

  • ASCR Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 21st November 2012

AGM documents
Minutes of the last meeting | Committee Report | Accounts | Treasurer's Report | Budget Proposal 2012-2013

16th August:  Return to the Housman Room summer soirée.  Read more

21st March:  Wine-tasting in the Housman Room.  Read more

Haldane Events Series

The Haldane Events series was initiated in June 2004 to give informed 'behind the scenes' glimpses of UCL's academic life to ASCR members and their guests; subsequently the range was widened to include readings and music.  Fifteen such events were held, the 15th being the last in the series.   Read more

John Klier Events Series

John Klier (1944-2007) taught in the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department at UCL from 1989 until his sudden and untimely death in September 2007. He was one of the most innovative and influential historians of East European Jewry and enjoyed an extraordinary degree of respect and affection among his colleagues the world over. Deeply committed to his department and the college more generally, he was well known to many colleagues right across UCL. Not least, he was a loyal supporter of the ASCR, taking part in the first of the Haldane series of events and serving for many years on its committee.  Three events were held in his memory, the last of which took place in June 2010. Read more