Call for Papers

Nosce te ipsum/ know thyself

Conference, UCL Department of History of Art Saturday 2nd May, 2015.  Deadline for proposals 2nd February, 2015

UCL Department History of Art invites proposals for 20 minute presentations on the theme of 'self-knowledge' in early modern images. Proposals should be no longer than 300 words. Please see conference abstract for more details

Marxism in Culture

This seminar series was conceived to provide a forum for those committed to the continuing relevance of Marxism for cultural analysis.  Both "Marxism" and "culture" are conceived here in a broad sense.  We understand Marxism as an ongoing self-critical tradition, and correspondingly the critique of Marxism's own history and premises is part of the agenda.  "Culture" is intended to comprehend not only the traditional fine arts, but also aspects of popular culture such as film, popular music, and fashion.  From this perspective, conventional distinctions between the avant-garde and the popular, the elite and the mass, the critical and the commercial are very much open for scrutiny.  All historical inquiry is theoretically grounded, self-consciously or not, and theoretical work in the Marxist tradition demands empirical verification.  We welcome contributions that are concerned primarily with principles and methods as well as those that focus on the interpretation of particular cultural practices, historical or contemporary.  As with all the best examples of Marxist work, we hope to provide a forum for analysis that while it looks to the past is also marked by an urgent sense of present realities.

Potential Contributors should contact:  Larne Abse Gogarty