2013 Spring Term

Date Speaker Title
07 February
Giulia Smith
Strangers Within: The Culture of Darwinism in the Camerawork of Nigel Henderson
28 February
Jenny Nachtigall
Reproduction and Simulation in Berlin Dada Performance

2012 Autumn Term

Date Speaker Title
04 October
Rye Holmboe
The King
11 October
Alison Harpur
Commemoration of the Council of Ferrara-Florence: History, Memory and Cultural Politics in the Chapels of the Palazzo Medici and Palazzo della Signoria
01 November
Andy Murray
The Naturalism and Identity of the Valois Burgundian Mourners
15 November
Isabella Maidment
Exhibition/Demonstration: the Night Work of Group Zero
28 November
Caroline Hehemann
13 December Sophie Halart
The Skin of Things: Vision and Tactility in Roser Bru's paintings