2011 Summer Term

Date Speaker Title
4 May John McAleer
National Maritime Museum
Thomas Baines, Artist-Explorer Extraordinaire, and the
'Uses' of Colonial Art.
16 May Gemma Angel
The Tattoo Collectors: Inscribing Criminality in Late Nineteenth-Century France
26 May Meghan Ghilbride

Animating Postmemory in Michael Fukushima's Minoru: Memory of Exile

2 June Catherine Berger
Secessionist Discontents: Romantic Anti-Capitalism in Alfred Stieglitz's Photo-Secession and Late Nineteenth-Century German Art

2011 Spring Term

Date Speaker Title
13 January Danielle Thom
Entertaining the Public:  Satirical Interventions in the London Print Market, 1745-84
20 January Suzannah Biernoff
Birkbeck, University of London
Afterimages of the Great War: Medical Archives and Digital Culture
27 January

Julia Bailey


The Art of Peaceful Coexistence: Socialist Realism at the 1959 Soviet Exhibition in New York
3 February

Nancy Anderson

State University of New York at Buffalo

Molecular Images, Molecular Futures: From the Double Helix to (Kisho Kurokawa's) Helix City
24 February

Anna Gruetzner Robins

University of Reading

Michael Field and the Female Gaze: Botticelli and Manet
10 March

Hanneke Grootenboer

University of Oxford

Part 1 of the Tomás Harris Lecture Series:

An Overlooked Episode of Vision's History: Eighteenth-Century Eye Portraits

17 March

Hanneke Grootenboer

University of Oxford

Part 2 of the Tomás Harris Lecture Series:

Treasuring the Gaze: Portraiture's Intimate Vision

2010 Autumn Term

Date Speaker Title
5 October Stephen Eisenman
Northwestern University
The Political Logic of Radical Art History in California, 1974-1984
3 November Leonard Barkan
Princeton University
Michelangelo:  A Life on Paper
18 November Stephanie Straine
Paper Trails: Alex Hay and Drawing Strategies in 1960s and 1970s
25 November Sandra Rehme
Anais Nin and Jean Varda:  Collage as Aesthetic Principle in Post-war California
2 December Pandora Syperek
'No Fancy So Wild':  Slippery Gender Models in the Coral Gallery
9 December Lauren Rotenberg
The Prospects of "Freed" Time
16 December Paula Brailovsky
On the Same Side of History:  Fragmenting the Mexico-U.S. Border in the Border Art Workshop's The End of the Line