Programme for Summer 2013

Date Speaker Topic
Friday 10 May
Richard Braude (Birkbeck and Cambridge)
Control and Rebellion in Gothic Architecture
Friday 24 May
Massimiliano Tomba (University of Padua)
Roundtable discussion on Massimiliano Tomba's newly published Marx's Temporalities with Stathis Kouvelakis (King's College London) and Peter Osborne (Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University)
Friday 7 June
Kate Crehan (City University of New York)
"Art" with a Capital "A" and the Practice of Community Art
Friday 21 June
Keston Sutherland (University of Sussex)
"Indirect slavery" and the adulteration of food in Capital

Programme for Spring 2013

Date Speaker Topic

Friday 8 February

Room 349

Andy Murray (PhD Student, University College London)
Mediate Foliate Heads: Symbolisms of Evil and the Long Christian Conversion

Friday 22 February

Room 349

Reading Group
Reading group on the Historical Novel in advance of the seminar on 8th March.

Friday 8 March

Room 349

Fiona Price (University of Chichester)
The British Historical Novel before Scott and the post-French Revolution debate

Friday 22 March

Room 349

Anke Gilleir (University of Leuven)
"Anna Blume is Put to Death": The Reframing of Rosa Luxemburg in the German Avant-Garde

Programme for Autumn 2012

Date Speaker Topic

Friday 26 October

This will take place in the Torrington Room 104

Warren Carter (University College London)
The Dialectical Legacies of Radical Art History: Meyer Shapiro and German Aesthetic Debates in the 1930s and 1940s

Friday 02 November

This will take place in room 349

Sean Bonney (independent scholar)
'Of Damballah/and Engels': Revolutionary Strangeness in '60s Free Jazz

Friday 30 November

This will take place in Seminar Rooms 3 and 4, History of Art Department, University College London, 20 Gordon Square

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler
Screening of Deep State (2012) by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, made in collaboration with China MiƩville

Friday 14 December

This will take place at the slightly later time of 6.30 in Bedford Room G37

Andrew Thompson (independent scholar)
Late Capitalist Dialectical Images