Programme for Summer 2003

Friday 9 May Laura Mulvey
Birkbeck College

Passing Time: Questions Raised by the History of Cinema at a Moment of Technological Change
Friday 23 May Matthew Beaumont
Pembroke College, Oxford
The Lived Moment: Utopia and the Present in 'News from Nowhere'
Friday 6 June
Andrew Hemingway
University College London
Precisionism and Reification: The Work of George Ault

Programme for Spring 2003

Friday 17 January
James Van Dyke
Reed College
Authority, Regression and Labour in the Painting of Franz Radziwill, 1924-1934
Friday 31 January
Mike Wayne
Brunel University
Spectacles of Reification: Popular Film and Value Theory
Friday 28 February
Craig Brandist
Bahktin Centre, University of Sheffield
Marxism and Early Soviet Philosophies of Language
Friday 14 March
Blake Stimson
University of California at Davis
Marxism and Fixation: System and Aesthetic in Bernd and Hilla Becher's Return to Industrial Art
Friday 28 March Anthony Hozier
Rose Bruford College
Turning Points and Contradictions: Practical Approaches to Brecht's Dramaturgy

Programme for Autumn 2002

Friday 27 September
Carole Ferrier
University of Queensland
Jean Devanny and the Romance of the Revolution
Friday 4 October
Ben Watson
independent scholar
The Absurdity of Marxist Cultural Interpretation
Friday 18 October
James Oles
Wellesley College
Architecture, Muralism and Politics: Mexico City's Abelardo Rodriguez Market, 1933-2002
Friday 8 November
Richard Godden
University of Keele
Labour Form and language Form: Free Indirect Discourse, Migration and William Faulkner's 'Go Down Moses'
Friday 13 December
Terry Monaghan
University of Westminster
Lenin and the Lindy Hop: The Uneasy Relationship between Jazz and the CPUSA