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Programme for Autumn 2009

12 October
Maria Loh
Renaissance Faciality

26 October
Agnes Guiderdoni
Université Catholique de Louvain
Early Modern Cultural Analysis: Case Study in Emblematics
9 November
Reading Group
texts to be announced
30 November
Helen Hills
York University
History and the Matter of Holiness

Programme for Spring 2009

Date Speaker
19 January
Hannah Williams
Courtauld Institute of Art
Portraits, Spaces and Everyday Encounters in the Académie Royale
23 February
Satish Padiyar
Courtauld Institute of Art
Painting as an Act: Some Problems in 'Agency and Art' (Fragonard/Twombly)
2 March
Natasha Eaton
University College London
Title TBA
23 March
Alice Sanger
University College London,
University of Manchester
Medici Womens' Sacred Journeys: Visuality, Liminality and Exchange
18 May
Sheila McTighe
Courtauld Institute of Art 

Jacques Callot in Florence, 1617. Artistic Imitation and Social Reform in the Capricci di Varie Figure

This will be held at the Courtauld Institute of Art, Research Forum South Room.

Programme for Autumn 2008

6 October
Hanneke Grootenboer
University of Oxford
The Pensive Image:  The Case of Van Huysen's Dewdrops
20 October
Edward Payne
Courtauld Institute of Art
Ribera's 'Five Senses' and the Perceptions of Violence
24 November
Anne Lafont
INHA Paris
The Imaginary Black:  Visual Practices in Eighteenth-Century France
Rebecca Zorach
University of Chicago
Passionate Angles

Programme for Spring 2008

Monday 14 January

Susannah Walker

University College London

Dialogues with Enlightenment? Order and Knowledge in Print Culture during the French Restoration
Monday 4 February Dr Mechthild Fend
University College London
Playing along the Iconography of Gender. Anne-Louis Girodet’s Anacreon Illustrations
Monday 25 February Bruno Latour: We Were Never Modern Discussion Meeting
Monday 17 March
Dr Allison Levy
University College London
Facing Trauma
Monday 21 April
Professor Todd Olson
UC Berkeley
Persistent Marks: The Migration and Transmission of Hatching in Early Modern Europe and the New World