Moving Images Conference

Dolce Vita Jesus Statue

What is the potential of interpretation in the visual field and are there limits? The current proliferation of images has led to worries about the power of the visual, but not necessarily to innovative approaches. While the tendency of art history to rely on the subject in its explanatory modes (in particular the artist as subject) has long reached an impasse, the image continues to be a site of self-affirmation rather than of critical and creative engagement. Even recent attempts to endow the image with a more active role, including the productive notion of the self-aware image, have brought with them problems of agency. How can we shift the discussion without turning the image itself into a subject?

Conference organised by Mechthild Fend, Maria Loh and Rose Marie San Juan, UCL History of Art Department

Friday 26th October 2012


10.00 Introduction
10.15 Session One
  • Briony Fer Photophilia: light and the image
  • Rose Marie San Juan Dying not to see
11.45 Coffee/Tea
12.00 Session Two
  • Alexander Nemerov Swimming: JFK, Thomas Eakins, and November 22, 1963
  • Maria Loh The Big Sleep
13.30 Lunch
14.30 Session Three
  • Pasi Valiaho What Can a Drone See? Image, Imagination, Critique
  • Mechthild Fend Conflictual Agencies: ‘Portrait d’une négresse, par une femme’
  • Hanneke Grootenboer The Pensive Image
16.00 Coffee/Tea
16.30 Session Four
  • Victor I. Stoichita ‘As if he were still alive…’. Zurbaran’s ‘living’ Saint Francis
  • Carol Mavor For Rineke Dijkstra, a Tiergarten is Not a Tear Garden

This conference is free and open to all 

Venue: Old Refectory, Wilkins Building, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

Poster for the event (pdf  file)