The Supervisor's Responsibilities

The supervisor’s responsibilities include:

  1. giving guidance on the nature of research and the standard expected, the planning of the research programme, relevant literature and sources, the compilation of bibliographies, availability of archives, the problem of plagiarism and attendance at taught classes;
  2. maintaining contact through regular tutorials. Students should arrange to see their first supervisor at least twice a term (or once a term for part-time students) to discuss progress;
  3. being accessible to students during office hours. (These are posted in the departmental office);
  4. giving detailed advice on the necessary completion dates of successive stages of work so that the whole may be submitted within the scheduled time. Ensuring that the student is aware that the normal completion time for a PhD is three years and that only in exceptional circumstances will the student be allowed to take four years to complete;
  5. requesting written work as appropriate, and returning such work with constructive criticism and in reasonable time;
  6. arranging, as appropriate, time for students to talk about or present their work to staff or at graduate seminars, providing situations for students to present and defend their work orally;
  7. ensuring that the student is made aware of inadequate progress or an unacceptable standard of work;
  8. communicating the student's progress to the graduate tutor, regular checking of logbooks;
  9. arranging with the graduate tutor for the upgrade presentation before a departmental committee;
  10. writing a report on the student’s progress at the end of each academic year which is to be shown to the student and kept by the graduate tutor and a copy of which is to be submitted to the Head of Department (from 2001-2 this has progressively been replaced by the maintaining of the Research Student Log).