The Research Student's Responsibilities

A research student’s responsibilities include:

  1. arranging regular meetings with their supervisor (at least twice a term for full-time students, once a term for part-time students): maintaining the Graduate School logbook in consultation with supervisor;
  2. communicating to their supervisor the type of guidance and comments they find most helpful;
  3. consulting regularly, though less frequently, with the second supervisor;
  4. taking the initiative in identifying difficulties and problems;
  5. consulting their supervisor about resources available within UCL and the University;
  6. maintaining progress in accordance with the stages agreed with the supervisor (documented by the maintaining of the Research Student Log);
  7. presenting written material as required in sufficient time to allow for comments and discussion;
  8. producing seminar papers or other presentations as requested by their supervisor;
  9. taking due account of the supervisor's opinion;
  10. deciding, in consultation with their supervisor, a submission date for the thesis.