The Committee Decision

After the presentation of the upgrade paper at the Postgraduate Seminar, a committee normally consisting of the Head of Department, the Research Tutor and the outside expert meet to consider the material presented. The principal and subsidiary supervisors may attend the committee meeting but have no right to intervene or vote (though they may be consulted by the committee). After the meeting the candidate will be shown the outside expert’s report along with a written record of the committee’s decision.

The committee may decide:

  1. That the work is of a standard likely to result in a successful PhD thesis and therefore recommend that the student be upgraded to PhD status; or
  2. That required standard has not been met. They will then make specific suggestions for revisions of the material presented. Students are required to resubmit the written material to the Research Tutor, normally within three months.

In the second case, the Research Tutor and Head of Department will consider the resubmission, consulting the principal and subsidiary supervisors and drawing on any other expertise they feel necessary to reach a decision. They may decide:

  1. To recommend that the student be upgraded to PhD status, as above; or
  2. To recommend that the thesis be submitted for examination for an MPhil degree. Students may, with the agreement of their supervisor, submit an MPhil thesis before the minimum period of their registration has elapsed