Elective courses 2013/14

For those students, both home UCL students and visiting Affiliate and Erasmus students, who are not admitted to the History of Art Department, the department offers a number of Art/Architecture in London courses. These are the only courses available to students registered outside the History of Art department. All these courses must be taken for credit; auditing any of these courses is not permitted.


For all the Art/Architecture in London courses, students can register directly on Portico (which is capped at 18 per course) on a 'first come first served basis'.

These courses are divided up under four main generic headings (Renaissance Art in London; Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Art in London; Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Art in London and Architecture in London). Under each heading, we are running a number of different course options which are taught at different times and by different tutors. Each course option has a separate code to make registration on Portico easier but please double check and make sure you have the correct course code.

IMPORTANT: If you are at UCL for ONE TERM ONLY it is NOT possible to take more than ONE Art in London course per term. This is because of student demand (each course is limited to 18 students as they are taught largely in galleries).

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are here for the full year, it IS possible to take one Art in London course each term BUT because of overlap of material, you are only allowed to take ONE course beginning HART14, 15, 16, 17etc.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: Please note, course times are when classes begin at galleries. You must allow time to get from UCL to various galleries, so if you have a UCL-based course that finishes at 11am or starts at 4pm, you will not be able to take an Art in London course that begins at 11am or finishes at 4pm at a designated gallery.


The following are offered in the Spring Term:

HART1402  Renaissance Art in London
Thursdays 2 - 4
HART1403  Renaissance Art in London
Mondays 2 - 4
HART1604  Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Art in London
Fridays  11 - 1
HART1605  Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Art in London Thursdays 2 - 4
HART1606  Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Art in London Tuesdays 2 - 4
HART1607  Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Art in London Tuesdays 11 - 1 
HART1705  Architecture in London Tuesdays 2 - 4
HART1706 Architecture in London Fridays 11 - 1

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