Dr Cadence Kinsey

Email: cadence.kinsey@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Cadence Kinsey

Dr Cadence Kinsey is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Art History at UCL. Her research is focused on the social, political and historical inter-relationships between imaging technology, constructions of gender and sexuality and theories of science and technology. She has written on a range of influential artists including Carolee Schneemann, Kate Craig, Lynda Benglis, and Nell Tenhaaf, as well as emerging artists such as Ed Atkins, Helen Marten, Helen Carmel Benigson and Amalia Ulman. Cadence’s current research is focused on digital technology, particularly in relation to questions of materiality and theories of subjectivity. 

Cadence has held visiting lectureships at the Courtauld Institute of Art, the Slade School of Fine Art, and Imperial College London, where she has taught on a range of topics at both BA and MA level including: theories of live art and the event from 1900 to today; theories of modernism in the wake of postmodernism; art and technology from photography to post-internet art; and the various relationships between science and visual culture, from forms of scientific representation to art-science crossover practices.

The website for her current project is Art After the Internet


Academic Articles

2014 (forthcoming). ‘Matrices of Embodiment: Re-Thinking Binary and the Politics of Digital Representation’, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.

2013 (forthcoming). ‘Post-media/Post-medium: The Impact of Technology on the Ontology of Painting’, The Post Media Anthology, Berry, J. et. al. (eds.), Leuphana Universität Lüneburg & Mute.

2013 (forthcoming). ‘How Close do You Want Me to Be: Kate Craig’s Delicate Issue’, Poetic Biopolitics, Rawes, P. (ed.), I.B. Taurus.

2010/2011. ‘Petting and Persons: Re-framing Breaks and Contacts in Carolee Schneemann’s Fuses’, Object, No. 13.

2007/2008. ‘Review: Self/Image: Technology, Representation and the Contemporary Subject by Amelia Jones’, Object, No. 10.

Exhibition Catalogues and Other

2013 (forthcoming). ‘Frames and Liquids: Rebottling the (Infinity) Net’, State and Lore: Revolutionizing Desire, Arcadia_Missa Publications

2012. ‘Becoming Camwhore: Interview with Arcadia_Missa, Ann Hirsch and Jennifer Chan’, MetaMute (published online 8 Nov 2012).

2011. ‘Toward Embodiment’, The Body in Women’s Art Now, Part 3: ReCreation exh. cat., Found, P. ed., Rollo Gallery Publications.

2011. ‘A Manifesto for the Archives’, Twenty Five of One, Pocklington Press, in the collection of the V&A Museum.

2011. ‘Body Architectures, Cellular Identities and Online Representation in the Work of Helen Carmel Benigson’, Helen Carmel Benigson exh. cat., Found, P. ed., Rollo Gallery Publications.

2007. ‘Art, Science and the Technologies of Control’, The Triple Helix, Vol. 1, No. 1.


2013. Workshop with LuckyPDF, Digital / Moving Image and Networked Performance: on Cultural Transformations, University of Warwick.

2013. ‘From Post-Media to Post-Medium’, Object Lessons, UCL.

2013. ‘Stocks and Shares: Digital Materialities and Picturing Objects’, Cinema as Object Symposium, UCL.

2012. ‘Online Performativity and Self-Representation’, State and Lore Symposium, South London Gallery.