Dr Tom Gretton

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Dr Tom Gretton

Tom Gretton studied for his BA at the University of East Anglia and his PhD, on French historical novels in the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, in the History Department of UCL. In this period he spent a year at Princeton on a Ford Foundation scholarship and a year in Paris on a Leverhulme studentship. He is currently researching in several areas. He is currently working on essays about word-image relations in display advertising in English magazines from 1870 to 1900, and another on the place and role of advertisements in English and French illustrated magazines in the same sort of period. These essays are part of a book project on the development of general interest weekly illustrated periodicals intended for a bourgeois readership in England and France in the second half of the nineteenth century. His work engages particularly with the question of the commodity forms of mass-market prints, and the way that models and counter-models of value were modified and disrupted by changes in the print industry, in both metropolitan and peripheral centres (especially Mexico), in the period. This interest in the material culture of printmaking is the basis of his participation in research projects in the department of Anthropology.

PhD supervision

Since 2000 Dr Gretton has been a supervisor on the following completed PhDs Gillian Hunter: An examination of the work of William White, F.S.A., architect (1825-1900). Mary Hunter: Collecting bodies : art, medicine and sexuality in late nineteenth-century France. Zoe Kahr: The Emergence of the Patriot Soldier in the American and French Revolutions Dr Jamie Mulherron: Jacques and Claudine Stella's "Pastorales" and "Jeux et plaisirs de l'enfance" : the production and use of printed design. Richard Pound: Serial journalism and the transformation of English graphic satire, 1830-36 Emily Richardson: Unlikely Citizens, the Manufacturers of Sevres Porcelain and the French Revolution Richard Taws: Currencies : circulation and spectatorship in the print culture of French Revolution.

Olivia Horsefall Turner: the cultural meanings of medieval buildings in Britain, 1660-1750

Allison Stagg: American satirical prints c. 1785 – c.1830

Melinda Johnston: the graphic art of James Boswell c.1926 – c.1946

Dr Gretton is currently primary or joint-primary supervisor to the following MPhil/PhD candidates Lin Chang: representations of suburbia in English topographical imagery c. 1780 to c. 1850 (with particular reference to Birmingham) Iliana Mendoza Villafuerte: mortuary portraits and representations of the dead in vice-regal Mexico Susannah Walker: The career and lithographic art of N.-T. Charlet

Micah Christensen: National art institutions and painting in Spain c. 1860 – c. 1885

Danielle Thom: English caricature, politeness and patriotism c. 1760 – c. 1780

Selected recent publications include: 

‘The Pragmatics of Page Design in Nineteenth-Century General-Interest Weekly Illustrated News Magazines in London and Paris’ Art History, 4, 2010

"Elegant and Dignified Military Operations in the Present Age": The Imperfect Invisibility of Collateral Damage in Late-Nineteenth-Century Metropolitan Illustrated Magazines’ in S. Rockel & R. Halpern ed.s. Inventing Collateral Damage: Civilian Casualties, War, and Empire Between the Lines press, Toronto 2009. ‘Le statut subalterne de la photographie. Etude de la présentation des images dans les hebdomadaires illustrés (Londres, Paris 1885-1910)’ Etudes photographiques (20) 2007 ; ‘Clastic icons: prints taken from broken or reassembled blocks in some 'popular prints' of the western tradition’ in S. Boldrick and R. Clay (ed.s) Iconoclasm: Contested Objects, Contested Terms Aldershot, Ashgate 2007; ‘Not the flâneur again: reading magazines and living the metropolis around 1880' in T. McDonagh and A. D'Souza (ed.s) The Invisible Flâneuse Manchester, Manchester U. P. 2005, ‘Signs for labour-value in printed pictures after the photomechanical revolution: main-stream changes and extreme cases around 1900' in Oxford Art Journal vol 28 no 3 2005


A list of publications is available from UCL's Institutional Research Information Service via the Iris link below.

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