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All events are in UCL Arena Room, 1-19 Torrington Place unless otherwise stated.

Sandwiches and drinks are served at events from 13.00 to 14.00.

UCL Arena Exchange Seminars

These seminars are run by UCL staff. They outline examples of good teaching practice and discuss their work with colleagues. All are welcome.

UCL Arena Fellowship applicants can add attendance at these events to their record of professional development activities in Part 2 of their applications.

Date & Time


Thursday 24 July

We Have the Technology! (but what can you do with it?)

EduMedia-Savvy Masterclass

How do we adapt to serious educational purpose the techniques that education media professionals have developed and honed over the years, now that anyone can get hands on the hardware?

Bring your ideas for a teaching resource that you would like to develop, whether it be a brand new idea, a part-formed project or an existing teaching tool. We will work together hands-on to bring these ideas to fruition, either using your own equipment or what we can provide on the day. You will surprise yourself (and your students!) with what you can do in a relatively short time, using these edumedia- savvy teaching strategies.

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Wednesday 24 September

When perfect isn't good enough

Catherine McAteer and Kate Joseph from UCL Student Psychological Services talk about supporting students who have difficulties with low mood, anxiety, perfectionism and adjusting to university.

This session will address how to identify students who are struggling with emtional issues and explore how you cna best support them to maximise their studying and make the most of their university experience.

In addition, we aim to explore how to design and deliver teaching that is both supportive and inclusive. We will use specific examples of students to generate practical tips and ways forward.

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Thursday 27 November


Undergraduate Students Interview Researchers in Brain Sciences

With Julie Evans

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Wednesday 14 January

Using blogs as a tool to develop students’ writing and critical thinking skills

With Kerstin Sailer

Critical thinking and being able to express this in written form is a crucial skill for students in evaluating ideas, applying concepts to real-life situations and solving problems. As a deep approach to learning it is inherently difficult to teach.

This seminar will present an approach that enables students to develop their writing and critical thinking skills using blogs as a tool. This is based on experiences from the module ‘Buildings Organisations Networks’(BON) in the MSc Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities at the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment at UCL, where blogs formed an integral part of the teaching and learning experience as well as the assessment.
The seminar will give a brief overview of the approach and then focus on a round table discussion to share questions, views, perspectives and ideas to apply this approach to different teaching practices and settings.

UKPSF Areas:
A1 Design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study
A3 Assess and give feedback to learners
K3 How students learn, both generally and within their subject/disciplinary area(s)
K4 The use and value of appropriate learning technologies

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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Interdisciplinary Learning: Student Voices

With Carl Gombrich

The seminar proposes to look at an analysis of interviews with 12 successful Art and Sciences BASc students after the completion of their 2nd year of the degree.

Particular attention will be paid to 3 topical yet contentious questions:
1. Is teaching creativity possible?
2. What is interdisciplinarity from an undergraduate's perspective?
3. Can we differentiate between the value of knowledge vs skills from an undergraduate's perspective?

UK PSF Areas:
A4 Develop effective learning environments and approaches to student support and guidance
K3 How students learn, both generally and within their subject/disciplinary areas
V1 Respect individual learners and diverse learning communities
V3 Use evidence-informed approaches and the outcomes from research, scholarship and continuing professional development

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*This event has been postponed. More information will follow when it becomes available*

HEA STEM (Built Environment): Embracing peer-contribution(s) in assessment practices

This one day workshop is designed for postgraduate students, young academics and other non-permanent academic staff / practitioners who are involved in teaching and supporting student learning specifically in planning and other built environment disciplines (teaching, demonstrating, fieldwork assistants, guest lecturing, marking, etc). The participatory sessions will explore PAL (peer assisted learning) as an environment and as a tool for learning and the value of peer assessment and feedback. Undergraduate students that actively participate in peer assisted activities at UCL will share their experiences with you and lead/facilitate discussions in the sessions. There will also be an opportunity to bring your own teaching related problems to a question and answer session. 

Summits and Horizons

Summits and Horizons

The event, a joint venture between CALT and E-LE, is a series of lunchtime events looking at new e-learning in UCL in which two or three speakers discuss how they've used new technologies in their teaching.

These sessions are on Mondays, 13.00-14.00 and open to all UCL staff.

  • 13th October 2014
  • 10th November 2014
  • 8th December 2014
  • 19th January 2015
  • 9th February 2015
  • 16th March 2015
  • 11th May 2015
  • 8th June 2015

*More information to follow*

To register for a session, please email Nick Grindle (

For information on the series and previous sessions, please click here.

UCL Arena Essentials

Coming soon!

UCL Arena Essentials are lunchtime sessions starting in Autumn Term 2014/15. Anyone who teaches and/or supports students' learning at UCL is welcome to come to any of these topical sessions.

Topics these sessions could cover:

  • Helping students to benefit from feedback
  • Planning personal tutoring sessions
  • Peer learning
  • Peer assessment
  • Group work
  • Course design
  • Evaluating your teaching
  • Peer observation of teaching
  • Developing e-learning
  • Assessment for learning

 Watch this space for details

If there is another topic not listed here that you'd like to be included or would like to contribute to, please email with your suggestion.

Student Object based research - UCL Museums and Collections

Museum objects can be employed in a variety of ways, to enhance and disseminate subject specific knowledge and to facilitate the acquisition of research, communication, practical and observational skills. Students can research objects, inspiring discussion, group work and lateral thinking – all essential key, transferable, skills. In this session you will have the chance to participate in an object based learning (OBL) session, review existing OBL resources and discuss the development of new OBL resources tailored to your student’s needs with Dr Helen Chatterjee (Senior Lecturer in Biology, Division of Biosciences, SLMS and Head of Research and Teaching, UCL Museums & Public Engagement), Dr Leonie Hannan (Object-Based Learning Teaching Fellow, MPE) and Dr Rosalind Duhs (CALT).

Session dates and times:

All sessions are held in the UCL Arena Room in 1-19 Torrington Place

16.00-17.00, 14th October 2014

16.00-17.00, 11th November 2014

16.00-17.00, 2nd December 2014

16.00-17.00, 13th January 2015

16.00-17.00, 17th March 2015

16.00-17.00, 19th May 2015

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Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) Seminar Programme, Institute of Education

The CHES seminars provide a forum for debate and analysis of issues affecting policy, practice and research in higher education, supporting the exchange of views and experiences across higher education.  Seminars are normally held at 17.30 hrs, on the first Tuesday of the month at the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way. For more information, please visit their website.

All UCL staff are invited to attend these free events.

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