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Flint tools from excavations at Beedings, West Sussex

Palaeolithic archaeology is the study of the deep human past. Preserved as part of the geological record, Britain has evidence for human occupation extending back almost a million years. This record comprises stone tools, butchered animals bones and occasional fossil remains left by extinct species of human including Homo Erectus and Neanderthals.

The archaeology of the Palaeolithic is of international importance as it documents the human evolutionary journey and the responses of past populations to big changes in the earth’s climate over the past million years. The archaeology of the deep past can be preserved in the geological records at great depth, although it is also possible to find exceptional Palaeolithic archaeology just below ground level. Identifying and dealing with this type of archaeology is a specialist area, one which requires an approach integrating archaeology, geology and environmental science.

Archaeology South-East builds on the long research history of the Institute of Archaeology in Palaeolithic studies to offer specialist commercial services in this area. From initial project design through to fieldwork and subsequent publication and analysis, we offer rapid and measured mitigation strategies to provide the correct solutions for each specific site. Drawing on in-house specialists and a wide range of external research colleagues, Archaeology South-East has emerged as a recognised specialist leader in this field.

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